Car insurance how to choose? Older drivers: If it Is not the local tyrants, light enough to buy three kinds

Car insurance how the election? Older drivers: If it Is not the local tyrants, light enough to buy three kinds of

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in our Car there Is a sense of life Is more intense, and many of my friends work out, that they Will choose the Car that transport, especially in the face of windy rainy day, and can drive out Is a very convenient thing. However, with the continuous improvement of the current per capita income, Car ownership Is also increasing, which leads to the incidence of traffic accidents Is increasing every year, and once thIs happens, I believe the hearts of many owners Will be very angry, after all, whether it Is not their responsibility, had to spend money to deal with.

It Is also because there Is such a demand, the insurance on the Car Will therefore regard the birth, I believe that just a little bit of experience in small social partners Will know, want to normal road driving, do not pay the relevant insurance costs Is absolutely impossible, but the moment about the Car insurance aspect Is very colorful and can provide good protection for the owners to some extent, but said that some people ask, then Auto insurance how to choose? Older drivers: If it Is not the local tyrants, buy three kinds of light Is enough.

The answer to thIs question Is, who has many years of driving experience of older drivers have the final say, first of all first have to buy insurance Is to pay high insurance, and we literally just not difficult to understand, the relevant departments to pay high insurance requirements have to buy insurance, which Is a mandatory requirement, if a Car does not pay to pay high insurance on the road, then law enforcement officers once the investigation authorities live, then we would face penalties of fines and demerit points.

Second we need to buy insurance Is third party liability insurance, as long as the community Is a little bit of experience you Will be aware, although thIs Is not mandatory insurance a requirement to pay the insurance, but also must choose, once when the accident occurred, its effects on the fore. For now, third party liability insurance in the amount of 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000, 300,000, 500,000, 1,000,000 and 1,000,000 more than several differentThe amount, if we lived in a second-tier cities, it Is best to choose one million and more than 1 million insurance coverage of thIs range, after all, there are many event of an accident, that we can save a number of luxury Cars in these cities not a small expenditure.

Finally, there Is a third need to buy insurance, that Is, non-deductible insurance, which Is an additional property insurance, if we want to buy other additional rIsks, then you must select priority to buy such insurance, because under normal circumstances, the insurance company claims Is not in accordance with full compensation, but once we bought thIs non-deductible insurance, then the insurance the company Will fully indemnify us, so we do not spend a penny more.

These are the older drivers have suggested three kinds of insurance must be bought, as usual, we often hear thIs type of Car marks rIsk Auto insurance, there Is no need to buy, because in the actual claims process, thIs type of insurance Is not worthwhile, but Will also affect other types of insurance has been purchased, so the choice of Auto insurance, the most suitable for us Is the best, What thIs all views are welcome to leave comments, comments reportedly thumbs of people have good luck Oh! Note: Photos from the network, and I have nothing to do with thIs article, if infringement please contact the author deleted.