Car insurance how to buy the most cost-effective, generally buy what kinds?

to buy Auto insurance how to buy a bargain? Traffic Insurance Is mandatory for the State to purchase commercial insurance Is voluntary insurance, that Is, we understand the business rIsk. Buying insurance should be based on their actual needs insurance, Car insurance in the four main: Loss of vehicles insured highest proportion of insurance, third party liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance, the whole Car pilfer insurable dIscretion based on individual circumstances.

buy a Car two largest expenses are some of the major maintenance and Auto insurance, Auto insurance includes many: the main points-based insurance and additional insurance into two categories, based on divided by the size of the rIsk, broken glass, a separate insurance, spontaneous loss of insurance, loss insurance new equipment to increase the additional rIsk insured vehicle must be insured before these additional rIsks after the loss insurance. Vehicle liability insurance, no-fault liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance of goods falling Is additional insurance third party liability insurance, third party liability insurance must be insured in order to insure these additional rIsks.

non-deductible insurance each independently Is insured, Is a non-deductible insurance commercial insurance, or a third party liability insurance Is Che Sunxian the additional rIsk. The main rIsk must be insured for the insured prerequIsite alone can not insured, for example, if you had an accident to compensate cost of 1,000 yuan, the insurance company’s normal for you to compensate for the 80%, that Is 800 yuan damages, if purchased after the non-deductible insurance, it Will transfer the remaining 20% ​​of their own to compensate for the amount with the insurance company, which means that they can get 100% compensation.