Car insurance how to buy the best deal? Which auto insurance Is a must buy?

Cars as part of our daily travel means of transport almost everyone has, thIs year, as long as a Car people Will buy basic insurance, whether it Is because your Car parked in the open or on the road, are unavoidable bumps, as long as the damage would have to be repaired, then the role of Auto insurance Is manifested, the main purpose of buying insurance in order to avoid rIsks, to spend a small amount of the insurance money to avoid greater economic losses.

that Car insurance how to buy the best deal? Today the old drivers give you support Weapon. Before buying insurance, let’s first talk about the classification of Auto insurance.

1, to pay high insurance: Car enshrined in our laws must purchase insurance. That compulsory purchase, as long as you buy a Car.

2, commercial insurance: pay attention to the principle of voluntary purchase, including commercial vehicle insurance Is divided into primary insurance (loss of vehicle insurance, third party liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance, the whole Car are the main rIsk pilfer content) with additional insurance (glass insurance, insurance spontaneous combustion, with no scratches insurance deductible as the additional rIsk of) two parts.

we entered, Auto insurance in the end how to buy food Is the real deal? Way of illustration, the price of a new Car at $ 150,000, most owners choose three common scenarios to calculate premiums, the owners do give you a reference.

Generally speaking, all three front gives a detailed amount of Auto insurance Is that most owners Will choose to go, the two kinds of words behind the main because the amount Is too high, generally requires a certain level of economic ability, if conditions allow, certainly Is the most complete of the best.

Here again give a specific formula, under your Car owners can calculate a formula based on your Car insurance premium Is how much?

First, the Traffic Insurance: a unified national new Car to pay high insurance costs in the first year of private Cars 6 950 yuan, 1,100 yuan more than six. If you are responsible for road accidents did not happen the first year, 10% off premiums the following year. If two consecutive annual road traffic liability has not happenedThrough accident, the following year the premium 20% dIscount. If none of the dangerous condition, then three consecutive years, to pay high insurance premiums hit 7 fold.

From the second year, to pay high insurance premiums Will be based on whether there Is traffic accidents recorded last year, if there Is traffic safety violations pay high insurance rates float. For example, said six of the following private Car owners are responsible for a traffic accident has not occurred within a year, but had once drunk driving accident resulting in death of the victim, which Is the second year paid premiums: 950 × (1-10% ) × (1 + 30%) = 1111.5 million. If accidents have occurred there: last year occurred once does not involve the responsibility of road traffic fatalities, it costs the same. , The last year has occurred twice has the duty of traffic accidents, the cost increased by 10%, have a duty to cause the death of another accident occurred the previous year, the fee increased by 30%.

Second, the business rIsk Is calculated by:

1, loss of vehicle insurance fee calculation: based premiums + naked Car prices × 1.0880%

2, pilfer fee calculation: basic vehicle price premium naked × rate +

3, glass breakage alone fee calculation: import new Car purchase price × 0.25%, domestic new Car purchase price × 0.15%

4, third party liability insurance fee calculation: be paid according to the sum insured at the time of purchase, 50 Wan Bao amount of words can be paid up to 500,000, 1,000,000 words represent Is the highest possible payout 1 million. Specific payment amount different to different vehicle types the payment amount in different regions. Specific compensation calculation can refer to your insurance rIsk insurance policy on third party liability.

Third, the insurance just to escape from danger after you reduce your personal direct economic losses, just in case. Drive the process or the owner please obey the traffic laws, abide by the Code of Conduct personal driving, reduce accidents. If you have any questions about Car insurance, please leave a comment below. I also welcome you to focus on the top right of collection and forwarding of thIs article, so that more people benefit.