Car insurance how to buy the best deal? What must buy insurance, what not to buy?

Most people Will buy a Car now “heavily” to buy all rIsks, in simple terms, that Is, for himself and Car insurance together, but in fact there are a lot of them all rIsks are useless, we need to know how to be resolved, in the end should choose what Car to buy insurance? How to Buy Is the most advantage of it?

1, to pay high insurance

to pay high insurance as the legal provIsions have to purchase insurance one, no doubt thIs Is a must buy insurance, and all the losses caused to third parties, whether or not there Is responsibility, regardless of whether payment, then the insurance company paid the parties Will need a certain amount. From the beginning of the year, such insurance Is no longer a fixed price, it Is said there Is no traffic accidents last year Will be reduced by 10% of the cost, if two years Is no accident the nature of the duties occur, the cost can be reduced by 20% and so on to the third year. But if there Is responsibility of the accident, the cost Will increase between 10% -30%, according to the annual or number.

In general, thIs type of insurance to pay the amount now more user-friendly, that Is, note that you own, so if there Is no accident, paid the cost Will naturally be less, but if you drive reckless, there are multiple problems responsibility of the accident, the cost Is bound to pay Will increase the number, give warning!

2, caustic danger

Car damage usually have to buy, like a daily rub, etc. after the Issue, maintenance costs can all be looking for insurance company to pay claims, especially an accident, if it can not find the perpetrators, the insurance company Will be paid 70% of the cost. But the important point to note Is that Car damage insurance want compensation, then the time Will inevitably according to the Car, and then make the appropriate payment after depreciation, depreciation rate Is usually maintained at 7.2% per year. ThIs type of insurance to buy Is definitely a lower economic loss protection.

3, insurance rates

Is strongly recommended to buy, because thIs type of insurance Is the most direct protection for the driver not very good technical people, the price Is not expensive, usually every year, really an accident, then, whether a third party or suffered casualties other aspects of property losses, compensation Will be paid by the insurance company in accordance with the corresponding amount.

4, non-deductible insurance

recommend the purchase of such insurance index reached 5 stars, simple to said that in many incidents which insurance companies have a compensation-free rate of 5-20%, but if the owner purchased such insurance, all liability and the amount Will be fully transferred to the insurance company, so that the owners received more claims, how After lIstening to thIs you also do not want to buy it?