Car insurance how to buy the best deal, tell your old driver

Car insurance how to buy the most cost-effective, the old driver told you. With the improvement of living standards, more and more Cars came into our lives, therefore, Car insurance Is also an important Issue comes along, every vehicle owner wants in the most cost-effective price to buy the most suitable Car insurance. Face many insurance Car insurance classification, how should we choose, we look together.

First must buy insurance Is strong insurance. As the name suggests thIs insurance Is to force the owner must buy, because in our country Is the only vehicles on the roads, the state mandatory requirements must buy or road traffic police department seized a direct deduction of. Of course, thIs amount of compensation Is not a lot, just be able to get some financial security in the event of accident.

followed by the third party liability insurance, the insurance Is further divided according to the amount of compensation. ThIs insurance can be simply understood as a traffic accident on the other party for compensation, in general, the county can choose 500 000, if it Is the best Car to buy some cities the amount of one million traffic accidents occur in the case of the big city after all to luxury Cars probability Is still very large.

followed by non-deductible insurance after a traffic accident, when they need to bear part of the responsibility, the insurance company has the right to refuse payment. When buying Auto insurance Is not deductible, thIs part of the owners to bear the economic losses can be transferred directly to the insurance company to bear.

then choose according to their actual situation other types of insurance, such as a few years ago to buy a new Car caustic danger, for their new Car to be safeguarded; Cars parked position insecurity can buy pilfer; The actual Car use longer be considered spontaneous combustion rIsk, and so on.

In addition to insurance, purchase channels can be varied, you can buy insurance in the hands of the insurance company salesman, can also be purchased over the phone the insurance company insurance, or buy insurance online. Multi-select several ways to buy insurance, after all, in different ways dIscounts are not the same.

Finally, Car insurance just for our use of the Car to protect the safety of one trip, it Is aKind of psychological comfort, we should obey the traffic laws and regulations. It Is prohibited drinking and driving, or drinking and driving accidents occur and no compensation insurance company Is also the owner may be held criminally responsible.