Car insurance how to buy the best deal? Smart candidates for these four Is enough, and the rest Is mostly tax IQ

Car insurance how to buy the best deal? Smart candidates for these four Is enough, and the rest Is mostly tax IQ

there Is a lot of dIstress, Car insurance Is one of them after buying the Car, spend a lot of money to buy it, of course, to pay high insurance Is a must buy, do not worry about thIs, Is the key to all types of commercial insurance, hundreds of thousands Is large, purse quickly drained, bought nothing happens feels more loss. But do not buy it, do not mind at ease, in case an accident can zezheng, economy Is not the family, may have to make matters worse, the wound still have to buy. But so many Car insurance insurance, how to buy only the most cost-effective it?

a lot of people to be safe, breath bought all rIsks, for private Cars, in fact, unnecessary. Many insurance Is designed for a performance, the dangerous condition of the conditions are harsh, really do not need to buy, so they took the rIsk for glass, broken glass alone Is rarely the case, as well as pilfer, Car theft and now at the most stealing tires, the vehicle drove off are rare, usually the thief would not be so stupid. So pay attention to buy Car insurance with a reasonable, both to save money but also to deal with common accidents.

In general, the following four candidates smart enough, that Is, first three insurance, which Is strong narrow supplement, the amount of the latter Is very low, there Is a total of about 120,000 homes a few days old lady Is not enough to buy three insurance, try to choose a high lines, and more can not spend much money out of some big accident, or accidentally hit luxury Car , can easily deal with. The second Is caustic danger, thIs Is compensation for the loss of hIs own vehicle, whether it Is an accident or their own mIstakes tree hit hIs Car, the insurance company gave compensation.

The third insurance Is not deductible, thIs Is an additional rIsk, the general insurance company about the accident with only 70% of Car owners still have to pay , bought the insurance the insurance company Will be able to lose it all, and he relieve a lot of pressure. But excluding deductible Is not always in effect, such as the Car hit a roadside stop, can not find the person responsible, the insurance company or pay only 70%. I want to lose it all if we buy here say the fourth insurance, could not find a third party that Is special insurance. Overall, these four Is enough to buy Auto insurance, and the rest mostly IQ taxes.

Of course, the premIse here Is that the vehicle owners generally. For a more Car wash owners often run high speed, it can also be more dangerous to buy a seat, more rain in some places, summer Is often flooded Car, you can buy a multi-wading insurance, special circumstances require special treatment, not too stubborn. But for many owners, thIs 4 basically enough, it has not escape from danger premiums Will remain at around 3000, probably Will be lower in some places, economic pressure Is not great. You can buy Auto insurance that it?