Car insurance how to buy the best deal? Older drivers: Do not be “fooled”, and only buy these three on the line

Cars on the road Is now more and more, our traffic Is relatively more complicated, some traffic accidents are rear-end, and in some cases a lot of people feel particularly worried, so many owners when buying a Car, the first time Will give our Cars to buy insurance, in addition to our nation forced to pay high insurance to pay, some owners Will buy some commercial insurance, so, when we travel by Car even encountered some small accident to be able to effectively reduce our financial losses, but for many novice, buy insurance at the time did not know what to buy several good, today, let us talk to older drivers , to buy only when we buy insurance for these three on it. Car insurance how to buy the best deal? Older drivers: Do not be “fooled”, and only buy these three on the line.

1. The pay high insurance, thIs I do not do too much description, I believe we are all aware, to pay high insurance in our country must be compulsory purchased. In the time before our country to pay high insurance price Is 950 yuan, but from the beginning of thIs year has been a new adjustment, which Is based on our accidents hook, if your Car escape from danger rate Is relatively high, then your insurance costs more and more, but if you do not have any Car accident, you do pay insurance would be deductible.

2. Commercial third party liability insurance. Such insurance for many Car owners are also not unfamiliar, it Is mainly compensation for third parties, that we in a road accident if the accident occurs then the case for compensation, the compensation for the insurance company to for you to share, of course, when buying thIs insurance, the insurance coverage Is also different, there are insurance and 1 million insurance 500,000, we can choose according to their own situation, if you hang out in a small town, then, buy 50 million insurance policy also possible, but if often the case in a second-tier cities, a number of luxury vehicles Is very large, suggest that you buy 1 million of insurance.

3. The non-deductible insurance, such as a kind of insurance Is typically an additional insurance, insurance that Is the main rIsk to our conditions for the insurance, it can not be purchased separatelyIf at the time the accident occurred, such non-deductible insurance Will be able to effectively protect our economic losses. We are not deductible insurance for Car owners Is very necessary to purchase its franchIse reached 30%.

say that I am more than content to share, when we buy insurance, if you do not know what kind of insurance to buy it, these three can , and three of insurance can be said to be the most practical, give us today to share here, what Is the difference of views and opinions are welcome and small series of comments and we can dIscuss thIs article like a lot of attention on me.