Car insurance how to buy the best deal? Old driver Weapon: just buy these three Is enough

Car insurance how to buy the best deal? Old driver Weapon: just buy these three Is enough

now more and more Cars, more than one Car, driving down the road the probability of traffic accidents Is greatly increased.

So for peace of mind’s sake, many owners would consider buying commercial insurance, commercial insurance, after all, a higher loss ratio, of course, cost Is greater,

so many owners worried compare Auto insurance how to buy only the most cost-effective?

called the most cost-effective, Is to spend the least money to get the best protection.

a full range of commercial rIsk insurance protection in widest, but Is also the highest cost, insurance and some not very practical, it Is recommended that older drivers, Car insurance long enough to buy three of the following three a.

First, third party liability insurance

third party liability insurance, as the name suggests Is that after the accident, with payment to the other party’s insurance, bought the insurance, even if their full responsibility for payment of the amount paid by the insurance company, they do not have a penny to buy thIs insurance, even if hit luxury Car Is not afraid, not to sell the course.

Mass rear Royce

Second, the Car damage

caustic danger Is that after the Car after the accident, Car damage repair costs incurred by the insurance company, the maintenance fee assessment, as long as they Will be submitted to the insurance company repair invoices can receive compensation or insurance company directly draw account to the repair station Is required.

ThIs rIsk either accident with another vehicle or their own unilateral accident occurred, they are very suitable.

Unilateral accidents

Third, the Car insurance personnel

If you do not have to buy all rIsks, it Is recommendedYou purchase a separate insurance board staff, after all, Is likely to hurt themselves as well as staff with the Car when the accident occurred, if seriously injured, medical expenses, there may be a huge expenditure, so buy individual insurance board staff Is very necessary. After

purchased more than three kinds of Auto insurance, to buy basic insurance coverage to have, but there Is a very important point Is the need to purchase additional non-deductible insurance.

In general, insurance Is there Is a certain franchIse, about 5% to 20%, if the owner Is there some responsibility in the accident, thIs part of the owner’s needs To bear.

If the amount of compensation Is relatively large, even if only 5% -20%, Is not a small burden on Car owners.

unilateral accident

However, if you add a non-deductible insurance to buy, thIs part of the deductible to be borne by the insurance company, so even hIs own responsibility in the accident, Is borne by all insurance companies. After

to purchase more than these three types of insurance, plus non-deductible insurance, you can feel at ease driving the road.