Car insurance how to buy the best deal? Learn these methods, the insurance company you think of the pit, no way!

REVIEW: Hi, Hello, everyone! Users should be “Baby’s Daddy” to Xiao Bian Message: how to buy vehicle insurance Is not please pit, master cases out of a lIst, please advIse, which Is the original words. Xiao Bian today to write an article on how to buy insurance Is not for the pit friends, plus what the insurance just bought a new Car need? What insurance Is optional? Xiao Bian lIsten to hIs right.

many owners, especially in the white novice to love yourself Car purchase vehicle insurance when very confused and do not know what the Auto insurance investment? How much investment amount? One Is basically a lIsten to others, he did not assertive. In fact, there are many Auto insurance thIs insurance Is not necessary to vote, today small to share a few basic principles of Car insurance with you.

The first to pay high insurance, to pay high insurance thIs Is a national compulsory for each vehicle owners must buy, do not buy not let you get on the license, even if you secretly driving on the road, causing a traffic accident or if the police found your Car Will be detained and face a hefty fine.

to pay high insurance costs be divided into two according to the provIsions of national unity, one Is six family Car about 950 yuan a year, another six or more per year 1,100 yuan, and both lines Will as you whether the vehicle during the accident insurance, if your Car out many times, large and small accident in a year, the coming year Will be your vehicle premiums go up, and vice versa, vehicle premium Will be lower, so the small series suggest that you be Careful driving, less than a critical moment not to take the insurance program, after all, at the tune of premiums next year.

The second Is caustic danger Is loss of vehicle insurance, Car damage Is defined as any of your Car accident in which the driver, causing the vehicle by loss, the insurance company Will pay compensation to the program based on the actual situation.

your vehicle purchase price, number of seats directly affect the cost of Car damage, which Is calculated as: Car damage insurance premium = base premium + naked Car price x rate, the basIs of common household five Cars in the premium 593 yuan, the rate value1.5% if the small series now buy a Car priced at 128,000 yuan, the small series to pay for the Car damage: 593 + 128000×1.5% = 2513 yuan.

Car damage compensation range for the compensation only damage the vehicle body, while the vehicle Is not within the scope of compensation certain components, such as: glass, lamp in the rearview mirror, the four tires Is not in the scope of compensation, you have to understand thIs.

Another point to note Is that, when the Car damage compensation Will be depreciated according to the vehicle and the use of time, and then press the Car price after depreciation were compensation, general and Automobile depreciation rate of 0.6% per month.

The third Is the third party liability insurance, third party liability insurance refers to damage caused by others, or damage public property in a road accident, the insurance company for compensation, such insurance 99% of people Will buy, but have to buy the full premium amount, generally ranging 10,20,30,50,100 million and the highest according to Xiao Bian understood that there are 50 million credit , the amount of the average person just can not afford thIs, million level luxury Cars are used. Small advice to choose according to their economic situation, try to buy can buy high point high point, at least more than 200,000 insured, conditional exchange 500 000 better.

In addition to strong insurance Is compulsory purchase of two other insurance Is also small advice to buy, there are several small series Auto insurance Is not himself proposed purchase, for example: pilfer, glass insurance, scratches insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, these and other non-deductible Auto insurance contracts to some extent after the insurance company designed, there are pitfalls, if you buy these Auto insurance, you do not be able to get compensation. Some would say I would not want to buy it? Of course, money does not matter ah.

science bit: the Car was scratched child, the insurance company claims it?

A: We know that some bears special naughty children, according to Xiao Bian see an online News, Xi’an bear a child in a small Car even scratch 9 , when the designated value to the ninth vehicleThe value of 3 million Mercedes-Benz sports Car driver of the Car was caught in the positive with, for that matter insurance company claims it? According to Xiao Bian understood that in the Auto insurance process inside man-made scratches, there should be compensation for the perpetrators, if not man-made scratches, you voted scratches insurance, the insurance company Will compensate, the situation Is insurers appear in thIs article Is not compensation, compensation should be the child’s guardian.

Comment: In short, no matter what you buy Auto insurance, should understand the relevant contents insurance, in case you fully understand the selective Buy or make a purchase based on three Editor’s Choice Insurance.

Thank you for reading thIs article, I wIsh you a happy life, Year of the Pig down!

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