Car insurance how to buy the best deal? In fact, buying these four Is enough, the rest are a waste of money!

[master Car: Car knowledge] Is now an increasing number of Cars, the probability of road traffic accidents increased significantly, the situation only buy to pay high insurance before the now no longer applies, after all, a little serious accident site maximum 110,000 payment Is not enough. So for the sake of peace of mind, buy a business insurance becomes essential, after all, higher commercial insurance loss ratio, of course, cost Is greater.

Auto insurance business Is mainly sold by various insurance companies, general commercial Automobile insurance include primary insurance and additional insurance. There are three main rIsks: Traffic Insurance (compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance), Car damage, three insurance; and common additional rIsks are: pilfer, Car liability insurance, seepage insurance, scratches insurance, spontaneous combustion rIsk, excluding deductible insurance, insurance and other glass breakage alone.

difference between the two

that the main rIsk Auto insurance primary compulsory purchase of insurance Is generally compulsory insurance, to pay high insurance by the state compulsory purchase of insurance, to pay high insurance the rate Is fixed, lorry age Will change. Traffic Insurance general mandatory, broad, public welfare.

Is a selective purchase additional rIsk Auto insurance, and must be purchased in order to later on the basIs of the main rIsk, many kinds of additional rIsk, selecting the kind naturally varied. Which Is not a bad idea pilfer mainly be compensated for the loss of three months recovered; the insured vehicle liability insurance Is mainly for Car drivers and passengers, if hurt, you can make claims; in addition to other complementary caustic danger an additional rIsk Is the rIsk of seepage, specialized engine for compensation; scratches insurance Is mainly compensation for the cost of the Car scratch repair.

Master Summary: In fact, as long as the purchase of third party liability insurance, Car damage and Car insurance personnel Is sufficient, if the rate of purchase of non-deductible insurance thIs part of the deductible to be borne by insurance companies, even though their own responsibility in the accident, Is borne by the insurance company from all of them. After purchasing more of these types of insurance, it’s safe to drive on the road.