Car insurance free rescue services know how much you Will use it? Quick look Will not use

most of the night last night, one of my friends called me and said, “The Car Will not move,” Let me go down the rescue, I’m sure by communicating with hIs Car Is out of power, positioning the dIstance I see a hair over 200 kilometers, over 200 km in Guizhou thIs mountain to catch the last days are bright, I say you can fight the insurance company’s phone, so that the nearest point of service free rescue it. Finally, the insurance company to give him a ride the next power-up, after less than half an hour to solve the problem.

Is not a lot of small partners that Car insurance can be useful when a vehicle accident, in fact, many insurance companies have hidden service, you do not ask the insurance company does not sell I would say, after all, multi-less attitude. These services are free of charge, it Will not affect the insurance premiums next year.

insurance companies free rescue service: Free Rescue (trailer crane), take the free electricity, oil delivery, send antifreeze (free to run errands, the material at their own expense), free of charge for a spare tire (for girls and no tools), remote troubleshooting (white private Car) and so on. Some small partners know that these services but do not know how to use it today, we would say.

Ping An Auto insurance free rescue service

service objects and conditions: 12 (including 12) Non-operating vehicles, Car damage insurance business and purchased peace in the insurance period, and can not be an accident caused by a vehicle broke down, free as long as 100 kilometers from the city center (not including tunnels, high speed, overhead) can enjoy an unlimited number of rescue.

If you meet the conditions for free and rescue, relief can apply in the following ways;

1, telephone applications. Call the service hotline, switch to manual application;

2, AP application. Download on your phone safe good owners, click on the “roadside assIstance” to apply;

3, VX application. Use “safe Auto insurance Roadside AssIstance” applet can apply.

People’s Insurance Auto insurance free rescue service objects and conditions

and conditions of service targets: nine the following non-operational vehicles insured in People’s Insurance Auto insurance and Car damage insurance in the insurance period, the non-fault caused by traffic accidents. 100 km away from the city center and rescue vehicles to reach the area, it meets the conditions can enjoy 24-hour unlimited number of rescue services.

call the People’s Insurance Auto insurance rescue service hotline enjoy free rescue service.

Pacific Auto insurance clients and conditions

clients and Conditions: Pacific Insurance and insured in the insurance period, the nine and the following non-commercial vehicles, vehicle breakdown due to accidents caused by uninsured vehicles can not travel normally, 100 km away from the city limits can enjoy free unlimited number of rescue. Accidents caused can enjoy 50 km of free towing service.

There are some insurance companies I Will not explain, and everyone insured under that insurance companies can call or check the website at Quguan.

I write thIs article the aim Is to let everyone know that “our Auto insurance Is not just an accident of time to be useful, you can usually also used.”

limited capacity, if wrong please correct me.