Car Insurance Do not be fooled! Save enough fuel, do not waste money!

buy a Car like love, not only to think hard before hand, shop around Carefully selected one most suited to their Car, even after the hand taken Care of, such as how to keep a Car, Car, and probably it Will inevitably produce a wonder every year – thIs year’s Auto insurance in the end how to buy? As a new owner just take the Car, the first thing to do Is definitely to buy Auto insurance, but in fact, many new owners do not know how to buy, but do not know what to buy and what not to buy, because the salesman Will in order to get commIssion and let you buy different insurance you have never heard, so that you do not open the Car did not come in handy, Car insurance do not be fooled.

but even so there are still many people when buying Car insurance after like to buy all rIsks, in fact, thIs Is not much needed. Many 4S stores have recommended us to buy all kinds of insurance, although seemingly guarantee Is adequate, but in some cases it Is very difficult to meet. So we did not need to buy all rIsks when buying insurance.

insurance Is not able to guarantee multi-multi-income, no matter how many you buy insurance, the total amount of compensation Will not exceed the insured should bear the accident the total compensation costs. Also said to buy insurance, paid as long as enough of it.

to adjust the premium rate directly determines your insurance premium next year. Chuxian 1, premiums do not dIscount; Chuxian 2 times, premium go up 25%; Chuxian 3 times, 50% higher; Chuxian 4, float 75%; Chuxian 5, float 200%; for a year without showing any chances to play 8.5 fold in two years not out of danger hit 7 fold, three not out of danger hit 6 fold.

major insurance actually have these types, the first insurance Is to pay high insurance that Is prescribed by national laws, to pay high insurance full name ” compulsory traffic accident liability insurance “, said the people, then that Is sure to buy, do not buy are not allowed on the road, it Is a kind of insurance also caught a fine, Is that every vehicle owner must purchase compulsory insurance. ThIs insurance Is less than 6 1100 950 yuan six million. Since 2008 all new Cars and those Cars are insured due to purchase such insurance, The provIsions of thIs agreement continues today. In fact, speaking of traffic compulsory insurance Is inexpensive, and there Is also a certain degree of security, Is still very good. The insurance pay high insurance Is actually in the “low”, Diansha case of an accident, you Will not make a penny can not pay.

The second Is the Car damage insurance, he said, causing damage to the insured vehicle’s insurance company pay thIs insurance can be very suitable for novice, or bad driving habits of friends, it Is strongly recommended that you purchase. Insurance in the Car accident occurs when the damaged vehicle can get paid insurance companies. In particular, some serious accidents may damage our Cars Will be very serious, if thIs time we need their own money, then certainly Is not a small number.

The third Is the third party liability insurance, in fact, the rIsk Is used to compensate other Cars, other people and other things. For example, you hit the McLaren Cars, repair a sum of 600,000, to pay high insurance only paid out 2000, the remaining 588,000 the three insurance Will help you contracted. In addition to causing, the driver of the vehicle, and a passenger themselves, other life casualties or property damage directly by the insurance company for compensation. ThIs level Is generally purchased from 300,000 to 1,000,000.

now insurance companies have something called insurance “Excluding franchIse rIsks”, and said plainly, Is if you buy thIs stuff, no matter you are not fully responsible, the insurance companies have all the money to help you out. In fact, the so-called “all-rIsk” Is simply false notion of an unofficial, all rIsks insurance, which has several specific in the end? Basically there Is no uniform standard, in fact, thIs Is the first 4S shop “flicker” customers buy insurance Is a folk saying as much as possible.

So when buying insurance or according to their actual circumstances, no need to share not spend money wasted. A reasonable choice of insurance with the program, not only to protect their property from damage, but also save a small fortune of spending the money saved enough even a year of oil money. Today, small series to introduce thIs simple three Auto insurance,In fact, if you bought the three Is enough, but if you’re Willing to buy other words are possible, but can save money Why not save it?

However, no matter how high you buy many kinds of insurance or insurance coverage, be sure to obey the traffic rules, safe driving, Careless driving after all, he Is our only insurance, we need to ensure that in order to ensure their own safety Car safety! Whether novice drivers or older drivers should pay attention!

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