Car Insurance Do not be fooled: buy the three Is enough! Smart people do not buy one more!

just take the Car as a new owner, the first thing to do Is definitely to buy Auto insurance, but in fact, many new owners do not know how to buy, but do not know what to buy and what not to buy because in order to get commIssion salesperson Will let you buy different insurance you have never heard, so that you do not open the Car did not come in handy, Car insurance do not be fooled: these three Is enough to buy up! Smart people do not buy one more! So in the end Is to buy, what does? Xiao Bian here to introduce three kinds of Auto insurance to be purchased.

a commercial liability insurance

ThIs Is the most important, in the first to tell you Is to get Remember the importance of thIs insurance. In general, when a traffic accident, and you are responsible for time, then the cost of which Will be generated insurance claims. For example, like on your injured people, in addition to medical expenses, there Will be some compensation, then thIs time you can find a direct insurance company fix it, but you want to know Is, not what you want how much compensation how much Is the amount of your insurance coverage so the higher your compensation Will be higher, so here recommend vehicle owners can still buy insurance coverage a little higher Oh!

Second, the Car to pay high insurance

As the name suggests, “strong”, that means that the insurance Is compulsory purchase, you do not buy Is not acceptable, as long as you remember thIs like a must buy, I do not do too much in thIs presentation, as long as you buy thIs would not be wrong.

Third, excluding special insurance deductible

Many people do not know too much about thIs, just know that they have bought thIs insurance, in fact, thIs insurance Is more complicated among the three, in order so that we can better understand, I Will probably tell you about thIs problem. Unlike the commercial liability insurance, commercial liability insurance because the insured in the event of an accident could be in breach of driving conditions, but it Is still possible to get compensation, then the insurance Is required at the time of the accident, the driver Is not a violation of traffic rules, such incidents do what the insurance company Will be paid in full. In fact, the rIskSpecies but also for their protection, so it Is well worth the owners to buy.

Xiao Bian also for you a brief introduction of these three Auto insurance, in fact, if you bought the three Is enough, but if you’re Willing to buy other then also possible, just be able to save money Why not save it? For Auto insurance, what other people think? Welcome Message!