Car Insurance deep routines, such insurance experts teach you buy, spend a lot less money wasted every year

Car now becoming increasingly popular, but there are a lot of Car owners often complain afford Cars could not afford Cars. Family Cars a year, the cost of keeping a Car takes about 1-1.5 million, which for many working-class, it Is a lot of expenses, and in which the high cost of keeping a Car, Car insurance Is occupied the bulk of today we have to talk about those things Auto insurance.

Car insurance Is divided into pay high insurance and commercial insurance, which pay high insurance Is mandatory insurance that all vehicles must be purchased, while commercial insurance Is from the owners free select the match, but often a lot of owners do not know how to choose their own insurance, as long as they obey the insurance salesman flicker, spent a lot of money wasted in vain. Depending on the demand and consumer groups, aftermarket brother to everyone finIshing four affordable Car insurance with the program, I hope thIs can help.

comprehensive safeguards type : Traffic Insurance + third party liability insurance 1,000,000 yuan + Car damage insurance + insurance + pilfer board staff + excluding special insurance franchIse

conventional universal : strong insurance third party liability insurance 1,000,000 yuan + + + caustic danger excluding Car + insurance personnel special insurance deductible

the affordable : Traffic insurance + third liability insurance 500,000 yuan + + Car damage insurance board staff + rIsk excluding special insurance deductible

practical low-end : strong insurance third party liability insurance 500,000 yuan + + franchIse excluding special insurance

finIshed with the program of insurance, the following aftermarket little brother to come and we talk about each of these types of insurance purposes. Traffic Insurance Is mandatory to buy insurance, the vehicle must be purchased, if the traffic compulsory insurance Is not purchased on the road by traffic police seized it, Will be fined twice the pay high insurance, and the seizure of the vehicle until the owner after the purchase to pay high insurance Will put the Car to pay high insurance only third-party payment incidents (the injured party), the highest casualties paid 110,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan hospitalization, loss of property2,000 yuan for the protection capacity of the vehicle Is very low.

On the drive, superb technology and then older drivers did not dare to guarantee that no accident, but once out of the accident, just by that point to pay high insurance money Is not enough, so the third liability insurance Is a must buy, after all, luxury Cars on the road so much, just touch it Is several thousand or even hundreds of thousands of maintenance, just wipe down a pedestrian or electric vehicles at least we have thousands of pieces, and only bought a third party liability insurance, driving my heart was a little emboldened.

said earlier, to pay compulsory insurance and third party liability insurance Is to protect people, then how to protect the owners of their rights? It would have to say the Car caustic danger and officers insurance, and Car damage insurance Is used to pay their own Cars, board officers liability insurance Is to pay the driver and passengers, since it gave people buy insurance to buy, Why not altogether for themselves and buy copies of it, so I think it Is quite the Car damage insurance required.

Finally aftermarket brother teach you a lower insurance rose way Is to put the insurance for the next year’s Car in the first three months of maturity bought, so within three months if the vehicle Is in a dangerous condition, it Will not affect next year’s premium increases for some driving skills are not very skilled owners, you can save a lot of money.