Car insurance cross-border innovation: the dangerous condition of the scooter

At present, the US Auto market Is booming, Automobile production and sales for seven consecutive years ranked first in the world, increasingly large Car ownership opens up a huge market for the US Auto insurance industry. For Car owners, when every vehicle maintenance, Will face the embarrassment of no Car available, while the dangerous condition of the vehicle, or scooter service during maintenance, the industry believes that “great demand”, but previously did not have to accept a higher degree of product and service. In July, Car rental and bump Pacific Insurance jointly launched the “dangerous condition of the scooter” value-added services, changed the status quo.

Pacific customers to purchase Auto insurance policy, comes “bump dangerous condition scooter” value-added service coverage takes effect, valid for one year. In term of the policy once the dangerous condition of the customer to use convex scooter rental provided unlimited use of the service throughout the year, each can be used for three days. Login user of the vehicle dangerous condition report CPIC micro communication terminal, i.e., can “a reservation key” delivery time and place scooter, irregularities Car rental Car door Will be sent to Butler.

in November 2015, Pacific Insurance bump Car to get strategic investment, and establIshed the two sides Will conduct in-depth cooperation in the business and products. July 2016, the parties jointly launched the “bump dangerous condition scooter” service, to further deepen bilateral cooperation. For policy holders, Is available after escape from danger provided by the bump scooter rental service, to solve the “travel in fear” after the Auto insurance accident. For insurers, the quality of service means that the industry upgrading and activate a massive scooter market. Since the service line “bump scooter dangerous condition”, the two sides play their respective advantages, the integration of online and offline resources to product innovation to drive Auto insurance service, the dangerous condition of a comprehensive upgrade scooter services.

[boost the dangerous condition of the asset-light model scooter service upgrades]

to bump Car share represented Car sharing economy mode Is the most thorough practitioner, namely the vehicle Is idle redIstribution and efficient utilization of resources as to reduce the cost of Car travel, optimize resource allocation. Different from the Car and Carpool, sharing rental vehicle owners to idle mode under the Car, to benefit, but also the liberation of the private owners of the time, the tenant may be lower than the traditional 30% -50% of the rental price to rent a vehicle in a better and more kinds of models. On the bump Car platform, online vehicle has exceeded 10 million units, more than 10,000 Cars models. And traditionalDangerous condition of the scooter compared to “bump dangerous condition scooter” can provide a more adequate number, model richer, better condition for the supply of vehicles Pacific Insurance dangerous condition of the user.

Currently, the insurance industry serious homogenization of service, coupled with the market after Auto insurance rates, insurance firms invariably playing the price war, and hopes to gather more value-added services to Car owners, have entered the Car after market. Studies have shown that providing quality service scooter position in Auto insurance customer needs in pretty high. As early as ten years ago, the dangerous condition of the scooter has appeared in the domestic market, but because of the limited models, the price Is too high, use the higher threshold constraints, has been tepid, the user Is called non-essential “chicken” service .

Pacific Insurance teamed bump Car rental, Auto insurance Is a combination of service and innovative new model of sharing economy, for the insurance companies, the quality of service means that the industry upgrading and attract more insurance customers, uneven Car Pacific Insurance Is to increase user stickiness of the important entrance.

[dangerous condition of the scooter market prospects]

“dangerous condition of the scooter” Is a one hundred billion segments of the Car market of the future. Data show that the proportion of US households owning a Car Is 33.7%, 75% of these families Will choose to buy “Car compensation insurance,” which Is standard on all US insurance company insurance, the dangerous condition of the insurance company Will bear the repair period rental fee, users can collaborate directly from an insurance company Car rental companies to use free cash settlement scooter.

At present, 28.3 percent of American households own a Car, 3.48% of households have two or more Cars, the dangerous condition of the US scooter market size of about 2.5 billion. By 2020, there Will be 57 percent of US households have the ability to own a Car, if the ratio of the new family Car of the only people to buy dangerous condition of the scooter comparable to the US, then the dangerous condition of the scooter market Will reach 15 billion yuan.

According to bump the Car user research data shows that over 70% of respondents as a limited choice of models, the price Is too high and never used the dangerous condition of the scooter when the dangerous condition of the vehicle maintenance, taxi, Car, Car rental mainstream alternative. Once the dangerous condition of the perfect scooter service, these people have a great scooter may choose to use the service after the vehicle dangerous condition.

PacificCar Insurance and bump launch of the “dangerous condition scooter” service Will further deepen bilateral cooperation. Pacific Insurance dangerous condition of the user, priority Will be recommended to use the dangerous condition of the scooter rental bump provided, in addition, Pacific Insurance Will also encourage the owners converted into irregularities in Bulgaria owners. ThIs means that the bump Car and Pacific Insurance Will further develop synergies, to jointly tap the market potential of the Car. Data show that in 2015 the domestic Auto market after the market has reached 800 billion Is huge, 47% of companies achieved revenue growth, 37% of enterprIses store expansion, the industry as a whole Is good.

[promote exponential growth in market acceptance]

since the “bump dangerous condition scooter” on the line since July, by a large number of the dangerous condition of user acceptance and affirmation. User research vIsits results show that in the reservation process scooter, vehicle condition, quality of service, ease of use degree, far beyond their own psychological expectations 100% of users think that “bump dangerous condition scooter” properly handle the vehicle maintenance time the Car Issue, and said he was very Willing to recommend the service to friends around.

According to Zhou Lin, vice president of uneven Car Senior Marketing said, ” ‘bump dangerous condition of the scooter’ officially launched the pilot in July thIs year, our service processes ongoing optimization that make operation easier and faster. Currently, term service Is already running smoothly California, New York, New York, New York, Nanjing, Hangzhou six major cities, and Will be before the end of thIs year to expand to more than a dozen cities across the country, in July next year Will cover 40 cities across the country. in addition to CPIC, we also and more insurance companies Will cooperate. “

from October 2015,” thirteen five “plan Will be shared for the first time formally included in the party and state economic development strategy, to March 1 thIs year, the NDRC joint Central Propaganda Department, minIstry of Finance and other minIstries Issued a total of ten “guiding opinions on green consumption”, clearly support the sharing of economic development, encouraging individuals to idle efficient use of resources and orderly development of its own Car rental, the United States share the Car rental industry ushered in an unprecedented favorable policies.

According to publicly available data, bump Car in May 2014 on the line, the platform currently has three million regIstered users, 100,000 regIstered vehicles, vehicles over 10,000 models, covering California, New York, New York, New York, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other 14 cities. On the platform 40% within 3 yearsNew Car, compact Car models, including the economic, commercial vehicles, personal Cars, luxury Car, the price from tens of thousands to cover 500 foolproof.

When the Auto insurance experience sharing economy, the insurance industry service standards subversion soon.

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