Car insurance coverage recommendations

Now, it Is very strange that when it comes to buy their own insurance, not Willing to give Car insurance was deemed necessary. So kind of Auto insurance very much, we really the kind to economical and practical choice, but also vote savings kill two birds with it?

first thought Is certainly to pay high insurance, because thIs Is a national compulsory purchase, but thIs Is the only insurance Is not enough, because it only provides minimal protection.

The second Is Car damage insurance, thIs insurance protection Is mainly a vehicle accident caused by loss of insurance coverage than the prices a little low to be all right, thIs Is My advice. I want to emphasize that there Is a new Car, the owner usually Care about, you can choose a scratch insurance. If you are new energy vehicles, then choose a spontaneous combustion rIsk Is better, because I think the new energy vehicles Is not mature, there Is an additional rIsk insurance with comparative ease.

The third Is the third party liability insurance, thIs does buy the better, because my Car just started I do not know, Is the 4S shop to the 20 million and then I know after one million, decIsively chose one million, not much more premium, but a lot more protection. Our four-city, no regulations walking and cycling too many people, so to speak, she walked on her own, I feel okay, but I touched her, she was super expensive, so I have to buy a little more, a retired person, a mess out of things, compensation 650,000, thIs Is too sCary.

fourth Is not deductible, because each has insurance deductible amount, if the dangerous condition of the amount can not reach it, insurance Is not compensable.

The following Is my personal suggestion, board officers liability insurance, if it Is run by bit, shuttle bus and the like, it must have, just in case, now really Is an accident can not pay it. As pilfer, I feel no need, except luxury Cars, because Cars are now walking in the city, dIstrict, on the road has monitored Car environment Is more secure, you can not vote. If the Car Is not monitoring the environment, it Is also necessary.