Car insurance choose not to? Old drivers to teach you a trick, beneficial to all!

Car sales in the domestic market can be said that every year are relatively high, after all, living standards rose, household income Is relatively high, fully capable of afford a Car, but once then traffic accidents Is not necessarily affordable, so Auto insurance becomes very important. Car insurance choose not to? Old drivers to teach you a trick, beneficial to all!

We all know that buying a Car Is a must buy insurance, then encountered traffic accident in case the insurance company Will have to pay for you. Even more than a decade to open the Car never had a traffic accident old driver Will not hesitate to choose to buy Auto insurance. In fact, to buy insurance, it Is not the industry can easily be fooled, just for example, motor vehicle damage insurance, third party liability insurance, vehicle liability insurance and so on. An insurance policy of insurance down you are always able to include six or seven insurance programs, so that, on insurance prices Will also high. In fact, not all insurance programs need necessarily to buy, the old drivers to teach you a trick, beneficial to all! What Is the required insurance programs must start with?

first: Car Traffic Insurance

can say that Car to pay high insurance Is our most familiar if the Car to pay high insurance you do not pay, then MOT Is also not pass the test, so pay compulsory insurance Is a must buy, there Is no room for negotiation, but if the words traffic accident the event can take a great amount of the compensation amount.

Second: non-deductible insurance

In fact, many people on thIs insurance not very understanding, said simply, if you are in a traffic accident primary responsibility party, if you bought the insurance, then their compensation grid can be entirely borne by the insurance company in the past, individuals would think no more people’s economic capacity, thIs insurance more to start with.

Third: Third Party Liability Insurance

In simple terms, it Is a traffic accident, in caseBecause the insurer’s negligence led to the loss of a third party, the insurance companies have the responsibility to assume the insured damage caused to third parties for compensation, not only to make up for compensation to a third party, also can reduce the financial burden on the insured.

These three types of insurance Is sure to start with, a number of other small insurance basically do not Care, do not know if the insurance company can easily be fooled!