Car insurance can only be used only claims? Older drivers: thIs fact, there are several free services!

With the improvement of people’s living standards, to buy a Car for people who have not a difficult task, and tens of thousands of dollars can buy a good price of the Car, but the people’s money not the wind blowing, so when buying a Car or could save the province, we all know that buying a Car Is necessary to Car insurance, so you can guarantee that we drive in the event of an accident, to have some protection. But many owners only know that buying insurance, but they told him how to use, how he would use. We are in an accident, get some claims. In fact, Car insurance Is not just only thIs role, it also has a lot we do not know the effect, but insurance companies do not offer to tell, today, let old driver told us: In fact, there are several free Car insurance services, If you do not know before, but now they need to look up! Here we take a look at what services are free!

First the first: free oil delivery service. Some Careless Car owners go out without checking the oil, the result of the Car halfway out of oil strike, gas stations and some dIstance from here, if you want a taxi to go to the gas station the whole point of the oil, not the police station to prove that you can not get the oil, the most likely or call the insurance company to send free, you just assume gasoline money line. However, thIs service Is free to send oil has a number of restrictions, see the specific insurance policy, usually no more than three times a year. Second: courtesy electrical service. When the vehicle broke down because the battery power loss while on the road, you can also find insurance companies to provide free electrical connection services.

Third: HoIsting rescue. ThIs service Is not common, but the key when you can help busy owners! We often see some kind of News vehicles fall into the water, but the owners do not want to give up the Car, then also you can contact the insurance company. But there Is a special provIsion of thIs service, when the dIstance Is less than 100 km from the city can call, but if the outside Is a surcharge of 100 km. Fourth: Free fast repair service. Free fast repair services are also provided by insurance companies, no doubt thIs operation Is extremely useful for most Car owners, for example, do not know what led to the wrong anchor, thIs time need to replace some simple parts, you can call the insurance agency’s request the other party to send professionals to give support.

Finally, Xiao Bian reminder: These four rescue service Is available for less than 12 non-commercial buses and Cars. Within the insurance period, users can enjoy unlimited service. Although these services are free, but we must pay attention to safety when driving on the road, and I hope you never use them. However, if you need to rescue the accident, everyone should not forget to enjoy the rights they are entitled, and do not call right away to rescue occurred after the 4S shop, because it Will give them to send money.