Car insurance can not only deal with traffic accidents, as well as four free service! Regret not knew!

a lot of people’s Car broke down, it Will be the first to call the 4S shop. Although thIs approach Is very efficient, but also more convenient, but it Is not the most economical method. Because the 4S shop costs than other garage, many higher. In fact, some things are completely unnecessary contact 4S shop, you just have to give it a call you can get free help.

A lot of people might say, the world Is there a free lunch it? In fact, the free lunch Is provided by insurance companies. Many people do not know that Car insurance companies Will give every owner offers four free lunch. Car insurance can not only deal with traffic accidents, as well as four free service! Regret not knew! The four free lunch you have eaten it?

The first free service 4S shop Is the trailer. Although the Automotive industry has been significantly improved, basically does not occur in the case of Car broke down halfway occurred, but Car use over time, inevitably some failures occur. If the Car broke down halfway, to call the towing company, it would take a lot of costs. In fact, insurance companies per year Will be provided the opportunity to be a free trailer, you can choose to let the insurance company to the trailer, if necessary, the entire process Will not cost a penny.

The second service Is free of oil delivery. Although the Car has a fuel indicator, but in the process of driving Is still possible because there Is no gas station, the Car broke down halfway. ThIs time we can timely call to the insurance company, the insurance company Will gasoline delivered to your hands as soon as possible, and the entire process Is not required to spend any money, you only need to pay the cost of gasoline on it. Of course, if the Car Is mIssing antifreeze, brake oil, also allows the insurance company to your side.

The third service Is free to take power, Automobile use over time some cases loss of battery power occurs, thIs when can I call to the insurance company, they Will help the Car start up, and the whole process also does not ask for a penny.

The fourth free service for many of the driver Is very useful. Sometimes Car tires were slashed down, and the driver does not know how to replace a lot of Car tires, thIs time you can call the insurance company, they Will be replaced free of charge the spare tire of the vehicle.

Of course, the above four thIs free service, there may be some dIscrepancies for different insurance for when buying insurance can be detailed consultation sales .

Do you think the above Which of these four services most useful to How about you?