Car insurance, buy only four kinds enough, never fooled by insurance companies

Car insurance, buy only four kinds enough, never the insurance company “Fudge”

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Cars as modern means of transport, such as today’s society has had a close relationship with the Car in everyday life popularity, people understand the relevant knowledge of the Car and the urgent desire. Now more and more Cars on the road, for many Car owners, have their own Car, he would be more love, cherIsh go back. Of course, the first thing after that Is to get a new Car and the license plate on the Car insurance. Why give the Car insurance do? Speaking of insurance which Is a big piece of content, and we Will come to test the rate from selected insurance, the insurance, the insurance continued these three areas where change Is more and more a doorway. I remember so one owner, crashed value of millions of luxury Cars, but the insurance company refused to compensate, do the insurance Is not in order to ensure compensation for it after the accident, but the insurance company does not pay compensation, the court seized overnight hIs real estate, become homeless overnight.

you little friends do not think insurance Is God, out of trouble all tube, you think so wrong, after all, Is the insurance company to do business . For insurance, the majority of people who do not know the routine inside, so the insurance Is also very vague, do not know what’s good for the insurance, which should be on the insurance, of course, in addition to the insurance compulsory in our country must be on, there Will be other commercial insurance, then these sorts of insurance, to buy the insurance when the insurance companies do not be cheated, just like a joke.

of these four Is enough to buy the insurance when the other did not buy much use, White spent odds. Traffic police Tip: Do not be silly at the insurance company “Fudge” Auto insurance buy these four enough. The first to pay high insurance: In For people with Cars, it knows that to pay high insurance Is the insurance we state regulations must be on, must everyone have to pay if you do not find thIs to pay high insurance, then the Car no license plate on the go, but if you Is not on the license plate, the Car Will form no sign of failure, traffic police found it Will be penalized and finedparagraph. When you paid the compulsory traffic insurance, then the Car Will be one more sign, thIs flag Is attached to your windshield, if you did not follow the normal people of paste, the same Will be fine.

Second: liability insurance, in addition to a strong hand in the insurance, but the three liability insurance Is very necessary, as we all know, in the event of traffic amount after the accident, to pay high insurance compensation Is very small, so at thIs point it Is necessary to use thIs third liability insurance, and that three kinds of liability insurance to alleviate the burden on our economy, but also to get in our everyday life a guarantee. Third: non-deductible insurance, such insurance Is afraid that most people have not heard, but also do not know how. Some people even think that insurance Is simply not necessary. ThIs Is not the insurance deductible Is actually an additional kind of insurance, you drive caused losses to a third party, you need to pay the other party to pay a huge amount of compensation.

If you need to pay 500 000 to each other, in thIs case the third party liability insurance company only help you take $ 450,000 left to say that that would require 50,000 under your own to bear, and in thIs case, non-deductible insurance at thIs time also played a very important role. Fourth: caustic danger. Caustic danger Is what does it mean? There are a lot of people on her concept Is very vague it, do not know specifically what rIsks the loss of the vehicle he was in fact caused by the insured when the insured event occurred, in thIs case, the insurance company should be made appropriate compensation, commercial insurance on thIs Car Is. So thIs Car damage Is also very important. Traffic police reminded us, just like doctors advIse us to take medicine, so we buy these four kinds of insurance, have to buy these four, so we travel Will be more secure. We also buy insurance to prevent just in case, so the majority of drivers pay attention to safety in the Car, after all, safety first.