Car insurance better? Older drivers: Do not be naive, these three less than basic!

Car insurance better? Older drivers: Do not be naive, these three less than basic!

Now, with our enhanced awareness of the law, if the first thing you ask a man after a Car was doing, he might say, of course, Is to buy Car insurance, indeed now such a Car on the streets full of society, and in the case of an accident-prone, it Is necessary to give the Car to buy a set of insurance. After all, once the accident, Will not only cause casualties, vehicles can also cause a lot of damage, it Is possible to reduce our Auto insurance losses. We all know that Car insurance Is divided into a good variety, there are some common, some not commonly used, but we do not know Is that these Auto insurance, also has its own scope, the range of their use Will have certain restrictions, conditions of use also more demanding, but also some of the insurance we usually never use, today we look at what insurance.

The first one Is the Automobile insurance scratches. For some people who just started driving, it may often appear small knock a small touch things, there has been such a problem, it Is inevitable there Will be a Car or a scratch off paint phenomenon. Faced with thIs problem, many people Will be more concern, though not a big deal, but there Is damage to the Car, so they Will immediately go to the Car 4s shop for repair, or go up painting. Car insurance better? Older drivers: Do not be naive, these three less than basic! Car insurance has such a dedicated Insurance in thIs regard.

However, thIs reflects a lot of people never use the insurance after bought, and relatively pit. We all know that if a simple make up a paint, can not spend a hundred dollars, if they touch-up painting, then spend even less than 100, but if we use thIs insurance, then you Will find that the final cost of the insurance to pay in time It Will be more friendly with a few hundred dollars, in fact, thIs Is their own touch-up painting of costs, and the cost Is far greater than the cost of the actual cost. So many people feel that thIs insurance Is deceptive and useless.

The second Auto glass Is dangerous. For thIs Insurance also has been controversial. The point Is in dIsputeIn the scope of its use, many people feel that the Automotive glass insurance refers to all the glass on the Car if there Is a problem of compensation can be free, but in fact not the case, Auto glass insurance scope of its use Is very limited, only applies to part of the glass. That other glass Is not within the scope of the compensation. So thIs rule Is not also more wonderful it?

The third Is that the Car ignition insurance. From the name we can know that thIs type of insurance Is responsible for burning Cars thIs case, the Car Will inevitably be some of the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion, spontaneous combustion event, Will not only cause casualties, but also for the property Will be a great losses, so many people have purchased the insurance. But many people want too simple, the use of insurance, applies only to spontaneous combustion caused because the Car itself, if something inside the Car aging, such as leakage caused by fire, which does not fall within the scope of the insurance, if fire was caused by improper operation while driving their own, such as some of their own little habits do not pay attention or Is triggered, thIs coverage Is not liable to pay compensation.

see here I believe we all understand, in fact, thIs thing inside knowledge many, if not Carefully study the words do not see understand, and we are also likely to be a pit to be deceived, there are a lot of regulations are some of the hidden rules, we usually do not pay attention Is likely to be fooled. In order to protect the safety of our Car, we have to be Careful. Above these types of insurance you bought it?