Car insurance articles (how to avoid repair pit)

As owners we must first have some understanding of hIs Car and understand some Car knowledge, can really avoid the repair shop “Fudge” The situation Automobiles and electronic products, somewhat similar to a certain cycle Car needs maintenance, bad maintenance Is necessary, it Is common sense, most owners have not experienced and “experience”, the owner and mechanic often see potential thIs point, bully owners Will not only drive repair, do not have the professional repair knowledge, so kill your deal Is off, and today I bring you popularize knowledge in thIs area

replacement part part of the Car of a total of two two parts, Car maintenance and Car accident repair, we all You know, new Cars and free maintenance for a long period of time, over a period of time you need to go at their own expense repair shop or 4S shop for maintenance, maintenance of the replacement Auto parts we call the wearing parts in the market, in order to spark plugs, brake pads, antifreeze, and so a series, thIs part of the author has been described in detail in previous articles, what time replacement, replace everything has been said Understand the second part of the Car accident repair required replacement Auto parts we call the whole Car parts, bought insurance repair costs are borne by the insurance company, but we also need to know which round after round, to help their Car correct rights, to avoid repair slaughtered

a: reject “shoddy”

repair step Hang thousands and thousands of the most taboo Is “shoddy”, saying that white Is, there may be a black heart of the store to buy deputy factory original products when sold, in order to reap huge profits, especially for some zero integer ratio Is very high the Car, a shoddy large profits can reach thousands or even more, in the face of such profits, naturally a lot of desperate people, a certain well-known Di Group 4S shop used to be the central rate exposure crackdown shoddy

that we must first know that the market Is how to dIstinguIsh between the whole Car parts, all original pieces Car parts Is also divided into two parts and pieces of the brand, the brand we also call on member municipalities deputy plant parts, but there Is no so-called “positive factory,” one said, Is thIs factory Time Is a vague term used to deceive consumers to play word games with the term in a city Auto parts industry, what Is “positive plant ”, the regular manufacturers of accessories called positive plant parts, which Is pulledPale, Bosch informal do, NGK, Denso informal yet? But they can be called the original it? No. The

One member original origin:

Most of the original mold member by adminIstering to allow OEMs factory customization, after the OEMs covered by the examination, qualified OEMs original label, giving original packaging, in dIstribution and its various 4S shop, thIs Is the most primitive of original parts dIstribution channels, according to the reason that it Is not only 4S shop only original parts? Not remove 4S shop original pieces of the main sources of the market Is divided into two parts, the first part Is a businessman of international trade through cross-border trade into the country, such as in German Cars, for example, parts of the Middle East for the price of A, Germany itself Is B, the domestic price of C, if the price of removing freight a German native superior to the B and C in the Middle East country, thIs time, traders Will choose to import international trade, and the second Is the 4S shop out of their own As for Why there Is such a case! It Is also to blame themselves OEMs, OEMs are sold to the 4S shop original pieces he Is a group of a group of vehicle accessories ten thousand a year 4S basically do not know which parts to repair their own use, so every year There are many original pieces 4S Will simply inexhaustible, also known as “dull pieces”, in order to deal with these dead inventory, 4S stores Will be based on the purchase price of the deficit slightly to a little selling parts dealer in the dIstribution business dIstribution to non-4S shop “repair shop”

2. how to identify the brand of original pieces and pieces (as important, important)

repair time must not be afraid of trouble, do not picky appearance of pieces, but pieces of accidents, safety components, be sure to requirements “test pieces”, the verification time Is one thing to understand it or not, the repair shop you do not know at thIs time understand it or not, at the time of purchase Will be Careful, be aware that whenever there Will be regular original pieces, original packaging, original labels, as well as its own kind of number that comes with the logo tag, it Will not test pieces on the use of indigenous methods, to remove the original Car to compare with new parts, thIs time mainly to see the label logo position, as well as parts of the material, as the agreed equipment to the public parts, for example:

Two: insurance loss minefields (important,As important)

more than 90 percent of Car accidents are basically the insurance company to assess the damage of a single accident since 2017, many insurance companies in order to increase customer satIsfaction sale and the subsequent development of new customers, the accessories Will be paid as original pieces, and later found to be true play to play to play, but the repair shop, potentially fraudulent incidents tired than not, installed in the Car owners are also brand parts, scrap pieces, even high imitation reform package, the insurance companies find themselves out of money, customer satIsfaction did not come up in 2020, began simply direct “drop derogation original”, popular to say that the damage a repair shop accident Car, I can only give you so much money, I do not Care what you use, you have to give me somehow, large direct insurance simply playing a direct supply, delivery directly to the source control, such as the people’s Insurance “driving safety with “a safe” Car parts children ‘here I focus remind owners friend of a security, a safe after-sales stingy in the industry Is relatively well-known, maintenance plant in order to protect their profits, the owners give you time to repair What accessories would like to use Know, as far as I know has more than one banner pull from both events

that we as owners how to properly rights?

both one way: “test piece” and “complaints”

laws and regulations of the country of the insurance industry Is still not perfect, especially Auto insurance claims process, the insurance company to assess the damage both parties, but also the direct billing party. ThIs in itself Is not fair to policyholders. Driven by economic interests, some insurance companies in the vehicle insurance claims, the often low Is low, did not do fair. Currently, Auto parts replacement standard Is no express provIsion, standard Auto insurance claims elasticity Is relatively large, transparency Is not high, and under what circumstances compensable positive plant parts, under what circumstances just repair can not change, the lack of rigorous refinement of the terms. ThIs also resulted in such dIsputes more, thIs time a negotiated settlement Is the best way, as owners, we can first consult with staff to assess the damage, get a lIst of their maintenance repair time, asking that the original Is replaced those are brand replacement parts, what with the brand, uphold a principle of “the appearance of pieces does not matter, but security parts, performance parts factory certain requirements,” What Is the appearance of the piece? The front cover, fender, front bumper skin, rear bumper skin, a series of trim, etc., all related to the other components require moreIn other original, and test pieces with staff to assess the damage, if it received consumer complaints fool the insurance companies to buy, make their own demands, ask for consultations