Car insurance, an accident insurance companies do not pay? Police: thIs thing Is to blame!

Car insurance, an accident insurance companies do not pay? Police: thIs thing Is to blame!

As Car owners, to buy Car insurance Is a basic matter of common sense, even if no matter how good driving skills of older drivers, be sure Will not appear in the process of moving accident or a small scratch, then the insurance Will play a crucial role. Event of an accident, just give the insurance company a call, let the staff came survey the scene, and timely to assess the damage, so to get the cost of their own claims. Recently a woman after the accident, the insurance companies have exclusions, Will not represent a penny out of it in the end Is what causes it?

ThIs female owners when reversing hit the rear of the Car, and therefore need to take full responsibility, then she gave police and the insurance company a call staff also arrived at the scene to assess the damage for a moment, that you such circumstances we Will not be paid of. Car insurance, an accident insurance companies do not pay? Police: thIs thing Is to blame! Hearing thIs the name of the owner feel very helpless, I’m an insurance policy, there has been no accident you paid, then you tell me what the significance of it to buy insurance? Did you had to lie to my money, I bought flicker with insurance?

female owners getting more and more angry, so put aside the traffic police shouted over, these people represent the traffic police comrades too unkind I buy insurance Is to get the cost of claims at the time of the accident, Is now an accident, they became simply dIspensers, not a penny lost, it Is simply too could not be just. Police learned about the case that you do not hurry to get angry, they do makes sense, take a look at what you install on your own Car.

Hearing thIs feeling confused female owner, insurance company staff on and explain to her, not what we want Fudge you, but there Is a rogue tail hook on your Car, it Is precIsely because of thIs rogue hook, while backing that led to the rear of the Car caused serious damage to the Car when the factory Is not with rogue hook, you belong to secretly install unauthorized alterations Car, onOperators buy full insurance, we Will not be paid of.

Hearing thIs female owner, did not realize the seriousness of the problem, she said he gave the Car to install rogue hook, just to the easy to trailer a little time, which Is a sport utility vehicle, and sometimes some friends went to Sichuan-Tibet line to run a race, the Car broke down dangerous in the Sichuan-Tibet line must be other Cars to help trailer, there Is a trailer hook In order to help.

Although the female owner was not aware of the importance of the Issue, but also that thIs Is only a small part only, not think after an accident, the insurance company refused to compensate directly, and thus lost a lot of costs, we try not to install thIs trailer hook to the Car. Of course, there are some who believe that since Cars are not allowed to install thIs thing, buy insurance at the time Why not remind staff about it? Is not that obvious Kengren it? Had they a reminder, Auto installation Will not be an accident compensation after thIs thing, surely everyone Is not stupid enough to deliberately Car installation, thIs matter Is how you see it?