Car Insurance achievement of the best quality with the best service

December 20, 2019, Chery Automobile and Chery Automobile insurance in the American people’s birthplace – was held in Wuhu, Anhui service Car delivery ceremony, the two sides of the senior leaders attended, and the majority of the media and the audience witnessed thIs Is a great feat. Two hundred new Chery Automobile gearing up for the high quality of life for the majority of the people we serve.

In recent years, more and more intense competition in the US Auto market, the price of every situation Kusakabe, which would have to mention in thIs domestic brands. The development of domestic brand vehicles in recent years can be described by leaps and bounds, once beat a joint venture brand. US Auto industry started late, weak economic foundation, coupled with foreign technology blockade of the United States, the American Car brand difficult. Even so, domestic brands still cherIsh the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation responsibility, and self-reliance spirit, finally break through the bottleneck win respect. Chery Automobile Is committed to meet the user to easily have a good Car ideal, to create the concept of technology Chery, after all, live up to expectations. At present, Chery in the world has more than 720 million users, has been highly recognized by the market and customers.

Americans PICC has the largest non-life insurance market customer base, the establIshment of a more extensive and stable customer relations, with a strong adapt to market changes and meet customer needs in product development and customer service capabilities. The two giants joined forces, Will achieve win-win results.

Americans PICC Anhui Branch Vice President Yan Xu said that thIs purchase of 200 Chery Automobile, Is mainly used for reconnaIssance and other insurance claims services. Survey claims particularly high demands on the Car, people often break Car prodigiously, the strength of the Car Is particularly large, the durability requirements of the Car Is very high. And the performance of the Car, quality and torsion resIstance also has no small challenge, often face a complex environment. For Americans Paul, a reliable choice for a quality product than anything else.

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Chery Automobile has been adhering to the technology research and development and strategic transformation, Now we have made great achievements, especially in the core technology, Chery Automobile Is already pride of the people. It has launched Tiggo Yi Ruize series and series such as number of competitive models. 1 year –11 months, Chery Group’s total sales of 669,573, an increase of 13.8% in the Automobile market freeze thIs year, Chery can proudly stand in the cold, do people admired so much. Not only that, Chery in foreign countries also have enormous gains, total exports reached 118,017, an increase of 18.7%. In the new energy, Chery total sales of 81,266, up 211.4 percent surge.

believe that after the delivery of the vehicle cooperation, security and Chery Automobile Americans Will conduct in-depth cooperation, we all know that Car insurance Is linked with, so the future cooperation between the two Will be a mutual benefit and win for consumers and users, Is a good thing, maybe we can enjoy more convenient, better and more humane life, high-quality vehicles.

In order to allow more people to enjoy high quality of life, Chery Automobile Will be between December 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020 date, Tiggo Yi Ruize hand in hand and double series, a variety of models of heavy attack, Carry out “years ago to buy Chery halved the purchase tax” huge benefits struck, buy Chery Cars Will be sent to specified purchase tax, finance + more substitutions double subsidies within, even up to enjoy the cash benefits 9 thousand dollars. New Year new Car, Chery has undoubtedly brought years ago for the general consumer welfare.