Car insurance a year how much money? After reading a few of these elements have a heart!

[master Car: Car Insurance] to spend thousands of dollars every year to buy Car insurance for the average well-off family, look out thousands of dollars to buy insurance for the Car are much Routeng a bit, especially the many types of Car insurance, when we pick dazzled, and buy insurance, there are many provIsions of the King, which was the first to buy additional insurance you can buy, there are many owners simply buy full insurance, convenience but also peace of mind to their own way, the master today you count how much money a year Car insurance?

Car insurance divIsion of the main insurance and additional insurance, primary insurance (third party liability insurance Dian Car damage), additional insurance (non-deductible insurance Dian Car the officers liability insurance wading dangerous Dian Dian Dian scratch glass breakage alone loss of spontaneous combustion rIsk insurance Dian Dian grab theft insurance), in addition to a national compulsory purchase to pay high insurance, thIs Is sure to be purchased in addition to a national mandatory the provIsions of the purchase to pay high insurance, thIs Is a must buy. Traffic Insurance price of six and six of the following vehicles 950 yuan a year, more than six models 1100 yuan a year.

third party liability insurance payment amount Is divided into five grades purchase, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 500,000, 1 million, the amount of the payment high purchase price also increased, when the dangerous condition of the insurance company paid too much for you as you decide to buy credits to payment. Calculation rules Is the basIs of loss of vehicle insurance premiums of naked Car prices * + 1.0880%, it Is popular, you buy the more expensive the Car, the greater the cost of thIs insurance, because the insurance company paid the money to you, according to your Car price to set you a million Cars, tens of thousands of hIs way to take a 10 stall you, you would not be happy ah. How much

Car insurance a year?

specific Car insurance how much money a year, thIs Will be based on different Car models, the choice of insurance companies, Auto insurance dIscount consecutive price and other factors.

Master Summary: factors that determine how much money a year too much Car insurance, according to the specific needs price Car owners given the known conditions in order to calculate the cost, but most of the dozen thousand vehicles all rIsks of price 50About 00 yuan twenty tens of thousands of 7000-8000 Will have a Car.