Car fuse colors each represent how much current it? Fast collection it may be useful to

Xiao Bian today to share a knowledge of electrical system of your Car with you, right —- blade fuses.

Automotive fuses are each connected in series in the power lines, if the electrical equipment such that the short circuit current exceeds a certain limit, the Car Will blow the fuse in the line within the set time . Thereby preventing heat burned lines and electrical equipment, play a role as insurance.

Structurally, the general Automotive blade-type fuses used in the design, the fuse has a plastic housing, wrapped in a melt made of copper or zinc configuration, the metal melt and the pin connectors.

Automotive Blade fuses size Is generally 2A to 40A, which Will be marked on the top of amperage fuse. If the fuse burned out so that amperage can not identify, we can also be judged by its color. International standards

1,2A– gray

2,3A– purple

3,4A– pink

4,5A– orange

5,7.5A– brown

6,10A– red

7,15A – blue

yellow 8,20A–

9,25A– colorless

10,30A– green

11,35A– Rose.

12,40A– dark orange