Car front bumper, the impression should be iron do? In fact, you are wrong

often drive you and your Car Is not very understanding of it? After an investigation found that, in fact, there are many common-sense things we do not know, just for example, today we talk to the Car bumper. Many of my friends think that since called bumper, be sure it Is impact-resIstant, metallic certainly relatively good, it Is not true! Usually see Car bumpers, looking like iron, in fact, Is a special plastic, you know Why? Check it out!

low-cost specialty materials. Generally plastic lighter, so that you can reduce the weight of the Car itself, let the Car becomes light, thus saving more oil. But also has better corrosion preventive effect, longer life. The bumper Is an easy place to scratch, if not pay attention while driving, it Is easy to run, easy to manufacture plastic products, it can be Carried out large-scale production, easier to maintain, compared to metal, a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

Is used as a buffer conflict. When the vehicle speed Is not very fast, and vehicles or pedestrians in case of collIsion, plastic bumper can play a part scattered strength. Compared with metal, plastic because it can be deformed, so it Is possible to force into the invIsible, touch the person to be lowered output. From the overall structure, soft design head, frontal impact energy Is absorbed by deformation of the head, the impact of the introduction of the floor structure by stringers. If it Is metal, it Will cause great harm to pedestrians, so the plastic material Is better.

To facilitate the design. The plastic has good flexibility, impact resIstance and adhesion performance. If the impact Is not very powerful, without breaking, to facilitate bonding and maintenance. Repair stronger performance. Plastics having good plasticity. ComparIson with other metals such as iron, plastic Is easier to manufacture a variety of complex shapes and difficult to crack and folding. It can be made into beautiful shapes by injection molding.

so that passengers can become safe. In the case of high-speed collIsion, plastic bumpers because of the protected area, the vehicle occupant can become more secure. In thIs part of the body structure should have greater stiffness, if the unfortunate event happens, it can also give passengersEscape offers a large space, in front of the vehicle Auto parts you need to move the space below, can not enter the cab.

to replace the plastic bumper from iron There are many reasons and benefits. Although there are some small flaws, but does not affect its performance advantages. Now everyone should know it, with iron made to our security Will actually be more dangerous!