Car front and rear bumpers are plastic! In addition to protecting pedestrians as well as you know what effect

First of all we have to understand Is thIs: the bumper Is not a safety configuration, the Americans just treat it as a low-speed collIsion to reduce the loss of parts, put it plainly, there Is a bumper Is to reduce the loss, reduce repair It costs nothing. For pedestrian protection.

current US regulations, the protection of pedestrians almost zero. But in the United States and Europe, pedestrian protection regulations, must be considered. The use of iron bumpers, pedestrian injuries on the legs would be fatal. Therefore, plastic bumpers Will become the mainstream

more beautiful and easier to cast

compared to the iron materials plastics can more easily make a variety of complex shapes come. Even if today, many complex shapes of the front, pressing iron Is difficult to be perfect, it Is prone to the phenomenon of cracking, wrinkling, affecting appearance. The plastic produced by injection molding, easy to be perfect.

maintenance and economy

in the Car body, front and rear bumpers are the easiest the injured area. And if the bumper Is iron, so a lot of trouble to repair, sheet metal correction, more complex than the plastic parts.

Further, the iron embroidered also easy, as long as the primer to scrape substantially be recycled trimmed or corrosion Will be a long time. The plastic Is not, even if punctured, as long as little effect, are basically no matter until there Is massive trauma, and go unity repair. Repair bad, can be directly replaced, the cost Is lower.

has a plastic bumper resiliently evade small bump

If it rubs slight collIsion or the , plastic bumpers have good flexibility, and have a certain impact resIstance, which means that if in the case of small knock a small touch of plastic bumpers Will Automatically spring back Automatically repaired. Even the paint chips, and also better than concave strong, after all, cheaper than the sheet metal repair paint more.


about the first comparIson in weight, than the bumper or bumper iron weight of the plastic material of the other lighter, thus reducing the weight of the vehicle, and the Car nor Is it the more severe the more secure now many Car manufacturers are to the Car weight loss, weight down, fuel consumption naturally drop down.

by a plastic shell bumper, energy absorbing material Is typically a fiber or foam material, the support plate Is a metallic structural materials. Light weight plastic housing, a small collIsion object collIsion damage (low speed impacts a pedestrian), a good coating property, may be injection molded (simple process), corrosion resIstance. Ideally absorbing material should be foamed aluminum and aluminum honeycomb. The support plate Is the innermost protective structure of the vehicle body. If the bumper into iron, pedestrians Will not only cause great harm, causing harm to the body Will be greater, the occurrence of a collIsion, the force of a frame structure, with bumper Is what material did not matter much. So do not expect bumper life insurance can play a role.