Car commercial insurance you buy the right thing, not an accident Is not the time for claims

Hello everybody, I’m ginger. With U.S.’s economic development Is getting better family Car more and more, and the corresponding traffic accidents also increasingly frequent. Then the Car commercial insurance also particularly important for the family Car. How to buy it in the end and we chat a Car commercial insurance today.

We often say that the Car insurance Is about commercial vehicle insurance in addition to Cars to pay high insurance. That Car commercial insurance there are many items to choose from, in order to ensure that vehicles in their daily lives different situation encountered claims. People who like heart, liver, spleen, stomach, kidney, each of which has different functions perform their duties. So to be clear, not just to buy a business insurance can find all cases the insurance company.

talk about a variety of commercial insurance Cars, and they are probably ten were: three, Car damage, theft and robbery, Is not deductible, not find a third party, board staff (drivers and passengers points), scratches, broken glass alone (points imported and domestic), motive wading, spontaneous combustion rIsk, and so on.

and we may have a loan to buy a Car friends know, banks Will force commercial insurance 4. Three were 500,000 Car damage, theft and robbery and Is not deductible. Paul explain each item separately have control what happens. Three 500,000 Is paid to each other, due to an accident caused by someone or something to each other and the amount of economic loss in less than 500,000, as more than 500,000 to be themselves. Car damage Is the economic losses of their own vehicles. If the vehicle Is stolen or robbery snatched compensation by the insurance company. There Is no deductible or deductible insurance policy Is usually on the franchIse, such as your Car damage deductibles 50000 1000, so you get the hand Is 49,000 yuan, if the non-deductible insurance, get our hands It Is full of 50,000. Basically banks use their vehicles to avoid the big rIsk to the insurance company gave up.

that if the full amount of our own vehicles should ensure that items do? Ginger considered based on individual Car circumstances. The remaining items are put Paul to explain, it Is unable to find a third party such as Cars parked outside, hit by others. ThIs situation Is only insured third party can not find the payment.Board staff Is after the accident both drivers and passengers were injured by the insurance company claims. Scratch Car paint Is being scratched. Broken glass alone Is no damage to the vehicle body, only broken glass. Wading Car engine Will be flooded. It Is the result of spontaneous combustion circuit or something else causes the vehicle to burn yourself.

The above Is the role of security in terms of commercial insurance. General personal recommendation Is to travel to work with three 300,000, Car damage, unable to find a third-party, non-deductible. If the province often run high-speed travel, the three recommended 50, Car damage, broken glass alone, board staff, Is not deductible. If you are new to the recommended three 30, Car damage, scratches, unable to find a third-party, non-deductible. If the vehicle Is frequently parked in the underground garage or low-lying sections of the drainage system Is not good, it Is recommended together with an engine wading.

Another Is that commercial insurance and vehicle traffic compulsory insurance with an insurance company to buy as much as possible. So that when the scene of the accident reported that an insurance Is enough, if it Is not the same one you need to report two insurance companies, it Will be very troublesome.

There Is a large insurance company to buy Auto insurance good or good small insurance companies, big insurance company claims faster, smaller insurance companies may split buckle more . So the novice to buy large insurance company, as a novice might be some multi minor accidents, claims and other services of some large companies well. If older drivers on the recommendation of a small insurance company, because a year might not be an accident are out. So choose a small number of insurance companies premium dIscount Will be more.