Car choose white or black? Old drivers to teach you a trick, these three most insurance, save money and peace of mind

buy a Car to white, or black? Old drivers to teach you a trick, these three most insurance, save money and peace of mind! Now, with the people’s living conditions getting better and better, there are a lot of families have already purchased a Car, then go with the Car no matter where Is more convenient, usually on the weekends with hIs family short trips, the Car also Will help great busy, but now more and more people have bought a Car, the most important thing Is now the price of the Car Is not expensive, so people make when buying a Car Will become more simple, but when buying a Car , we are also very Careful, after all, buying a Car Is not easy, when buying a Car should buy white, or black should buy it, it means the old drivers which are very particular about these three Is the safest paint not only save money but also peace of mind, with a look at it.

the first type of course Is to buy white, in fact, in many people’s impression of them, a white paint looks very clean, there Is the giving a very decent feel, but some Car owners Will think of white especially not dirt, in fact, inside the city if you are driving, then dust Is not much, not let the white Car becomes dirty, the say no dirt, in fact, also belong to the black Car, just dip a little dirt Will look very obvious.

The first two kinds of black paint Is, in fact, black with white paint compared to the black Car looks more sedate number, for example, we usually see on the street as well as Mercedes-Benz BMW Audi are also mostly black, but also looks very classy, ​​and they Will often be used as a commercial vehicle to reception, and black paint Is also very resIstant to aging, even after a few years also did not see, the body Will turn yellow, if it Is maintained in the Car to get them, then paint also Will be particularly bright, but also very open out face.

A third was silver, in fact, silver Is also very tall models look on, for now, many young people, often basically to see Is a black and white two colors of the Car, so the choice of silver Is very unique, because it Will not be so white, and there’s no business like that black, so it Is more fashionable for some, butThIs paint Is also common advantage of both white, and black paintwork.

we usually when buying a Car, three color models Is very worthwhile to start, although there are a lot of paint colors, but personally think three colors more popular, so usually in the maintenance of the Car, they also are very peace of mind, if accidentally bump off a paint when the repair Is very simple, unlike the red, there are other color paint as hard up, the need for professional master’s touch-up painting to do, and then finIshed up, there Is the appearance of vIsible traces, after reading the answer given by older drivers, they know how to choose. What color Car do you like best? Welcome messages to share with me to dIscuss.