Car broken glass, if you give the insurance company called and said these words, the insurance directly refuse compensation

as a regular driver friends Will give their Car insurance, which may have compulsory insurance, you may also have commercial insurance. If you buy a full insurance, it stands to reason that as long as the time on the Car Is damaged, you can find all the insurance company for compensation, but if you noticed when you buy insurance? Some parts of the damaged Car insurance company Is not compensation, such as when your Car broken glass, if there Is a problem you answer yes, the insurance company Will tell you they are not liable to such a situation.


then the problem Is it? When your Car Is damaged glass you buy insurance Is bound him to hIs place, and thIs time the staff Will ask you Is not only a broken windshield, if you answer yes, then the insurance company Will not be liable for show, you can only own money for service.


A friend might ask me obviously bought all rIsks, Why do not compensate it? The reason Is that thIs Is like tires or glass parts are easy to damage, easily damaged goods only problem with the insurance company Is not responsible for such components need to purchase the appropriate insurance alone Will not get the appropriate compensation, and thIs situation general insurance companies You Will be informed in advance.


case like thIs Is very common, there Is a News report said there was a driver rear-end but because only lights damaged, so insurance companies do not pay compensation, because finally paint has also been responsible for the damage to the insurance company only.


In addition to above, the insurance company refused compensation outside the case, there would have been some cases the insurance company exclusions. The first Is the owner of the vehicle caused by unauthorized alterations Car cause damage; the second case Is because they do not Carry out vehicle maintenance and damage occurred; third situation Is man-made intentional damage to the vehicle to obtain insurance; fourth case Is the Car the original components are not damaged parts produced; firstFive cases Is the damage that occurs when the insured vehicle repaired by the store.


friends, you come across other cases no compensation insurance company do?