Car blown fuse how to do?

if they understand the point of electrical knowledge, you can own emergency replacement, many Car fuse box are reserved for spare fuse. But if you do not understand electrical knowledge, it Is recommended that you call your insurance company, call a more reliable emergency rescue some. Here, big eyes simply talk about these things Automotive fuses, for your reference.


Automotive fuses are?

In fact, we fuse Is popular habit of name, the official name for the fuse. Fuse with the role of us as everyday electrical equipment, Automotive fuse to protect the Car circuit (line) and electrical equipment. Within a few seconds Will blow the fuse when the circuit current exceeds 2 times the rated current, the protection functions of the circuit.

we can see in the insurance box Car blade fuse (type now used in most Cars), rated current from an early age 1-40 amperes (A) to large 30-120 amperes (A) has a rated voltage of 32 volts (V).

Car fuse broken Why?

general circuit of the vehicle at the factory or even the beginning of design through a very detailed experiments should be no problem, but Why would a vehicle fuse broken? Normally, the main reason for Car fuse broken in two, one Is the use of electrical load Is too large, the other Is the Car circuit has a short-circuit situation.

with the electrical load Is too large. ThIs Is the case most of the insurance divIsion blown, some people buy a Car after casually converted electrical equipment, veered headlights, Car audio equipment, the use of inferior cigarette lighter adapter and high-power electrical appliances connected to the cigarette lighter and so on, some of the operating power electrical equipment may be higher than the factory settings, once the use Is likely to cause the lights blown fuse. Short-circuit circuit Car. After the Car for a long time, some wire and rubber aging, resulting in bare metal wire, causing a short circuit. Some owners Will rinse with a hose directly to the engine compartment, may lead to short-circuit the fuse box and water.

Car fuse fuse What are the symptoms?

After the Car fuse blows, most intuitive performance Is Automotive-related functions may be dIsabled, Cars unable to run normally.

But the battery electric vehicle can not be started, the emergence of such symptoms Is likely to be responsible for starting the motor fuse burned out. When they find the vehicle can not be started, remember not continuous ignition, sustained continuous ignition can cause the battery dIscharge resulting in completely dIscharged. the vehicle Is running, the tachometer normal, but the speedometer dIsplay to zero, while the ABS warning lamp lights, indicating that the corresponding fuse Is burned out ABS. Some informal businesses manage transportation vehicles Will be pulled out of the ABS fuse, the purpose Is not to increase mileage, but thIs potential threat Is very big, lose ABS vehicles in case of emergency can be very dangerous time.

Car blown fuse how to do?

If you do it yourself poor, there Is no electrical knowledge, or the insurance company directly hit a telephone call roadside assIstance bar. If you have some electrical knowledge, you can replace yourself.

Many of the Cars are insured box of spare fuses and tools to pull the fuse. Want to know if your vehicle does not have a spare fuse Will open the fuse box, take a look at the legend on the back of generally good mark on the inside. But even if there Will not be equipped with the current specifications of each Will be equipped with a fuse.

and the start switch off all the electrical equipment, dIsconnect negative battery cable; Fuses grip pliers head with a detachable fuse end, pulled to remove the fuse. See wire Is blown to identify the blown fuse; if the fuse can be replaced Suitable spare fuse. Another new fuse with the same ampere value to replace blown fuses. If the fuse Is damaged on the replacement, should immediatelyRelated Automotive service station to be checked. If the vehicle fuse box no spare fuses, the fuse may be idle on top of the other. Remember to replace the same capacity fuse, the top of each fuse Is marked with its capacity value, otherwIse the consequences could be very serious.


Insurance failed slice Is normal, after all, inexpensive Automobile fuse general Will a few dollars, can be well protected electronic equipment of the Car. After the dIscovery fuse blows, Relax, generally there Will be a spare fuse box insurance tablets, these can alternate emergency rupture dIsc. Even a normal Car, it Is recommended that you go to the repair shop for troubleshooting purposes, to prevent blown fuse phenomenon again.

it has not happened Automotive fuse blow it?

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