Car accidents take insurance, be sure to pay attention to these points, otherwIse the insurance company did not pay a penny

driving down the road, because each person’s driving skills are not the same, there’s a little scratch on the road Cengceng, what little impact, are more normal. Sure everyone after an accident, insurance companies are thinking to bear maintenance costs, after all, so much the owner must pay premiums every year. But pay attention, there Is an accident, four sentences can not say to the insurance company, or they may be exclusions!

1, within 48 hours of an accident to a call record. You do not you are busy, you can also make a phone call, but the phone does not play, then people Will think you give up thIs right away. The insurer has hIs reasons, he said, you make a phone call told me that my Car had been hit the year before that, and now you help me to fill it. I drove thIs decade has been the old mess, I said ten years ago that I was out of a Car accident, you help me find a new, that people insurance company to close down, and thIs certainly can not go on. To call within 48 hours, then with others when you said not to say, out of thIs accident the previous three days to seven days.

2, the Car has been repaired, invoices, reimbursement bar. Normal insurance processes, we need to call the insurance company after the dangerous condition of the Car, the insurance company to assess the damage claims. If afterwards the owner did not inform the insurance company did not make the record, Is likely because there Is no evidence, I do not know, was the insurance company exclusions or reduce compensation.

3, parked in the pay parking knocked. Pay attention, parked in the parking lot fee, no matter what vehicle, the insurance company Is not responsible, because the insurance company believes that since the parking fee, you have the right to custody of the vehicle, and because mIstakes custodians, insurance The company Will not pay compensation. That Is, have the divIsion of responsibilities, the normal method Is to find parking claim.

4, engine inlet, the call Is not a fire. ThIs situation may touch of Southern friends a little more, my engine inlet matter, called and said the water how to do? You look at me or not rIse. After the launch Is not a secondary ignition, secondary ignition insurance company Will not pay a. Exclusions reasons must be: you thIsInsurance small print one single negative, a place where you write in there, give him water you wash just fine. The driver again launched, thIs Is equivalent to pour into the engine went inside, it belongs to expand loss, he Will not lose to you, thIs very injustice.