Car accidents, police and insurance which for the first, they have to know the order

Now many families have basically been able to afford the cost of the Car, but sometimes just to get the Car was soon scratched others, or other accident, most people are not more contradictory know the first alarm, or should go first to the insurance company, in fact, there are several cases, we can dIstinguIsh it appears most important accident Is calm, do not panic particular, in order to better address such things, in fact, the first it should be understood that the order between the two, some people Will call friends, in fact, they are not in the side, but can also tell you some simple ways to solve last up to you, but as long as you can dIstinguIsh on it.

First, if the first hit people, the first time to see whether the person Is serious, if not the situation Is particularly serious at the first alarm, and then give the insurance company a call, let the traffic police to determine a good responsibility, thinking to repair the problem, and hope the traffic police came forward after the impact, can not through other channels contact, again you want to pipe some of the costs. If people are more serious, then it Is recommended that first hit the emergency phone, then alarm, so be sure to keep a cool head.

followed by and other vehicles collided, if not particularly serious two people can privately negotiated settlement, after all, Is still relatively traffic jam, two people have been waiting for the insurance company Will bring many dIsadvantages to the back. In fact, under normal circumstances Car collide we all know all know who Is responsible, no need to Care about has been going directly to the first hijacked Car, then walked the insurance on it.

Finally, there Is a situation when in the field, thIs time the insurance and repair are reported can be relatively trouble, in fact, and two or more treatment methods are the same, but if not serious in the field Is best not to repair, so much wasted time, but can not get it back the first time, does not affect the opening of the case directly back to the local open, all the photos are to stay well, thenCarry out repair, so it Will be more convenient, in fact, all the Cars Will have some number of minor accidents, do not be too dIstressed Car.

Another point I hope you remember that Is, as long as the accident Is the first time to find the best insurance company, or more than 48 child they Will not reimburse you, you can not get the money, in fact, did not even find another Car accident, the insurance company paid you can part, so that we must know all the order, not to panic after the accident, and do not know how to do, overtime may fail to get their own money, in order to avoid some losses, still hope that we understand thIs area .