Cancel car insurance: ThIs Is how it works!

to cancel Car insurance: ThIs Is how it works!


When Car insurance canceled? Deadlines and terms. Car insurance desIst letter what should be considered? to cancel Auto insurance when change In particular termination: Very cancel Car insurance to cancel Auto insurance may be many reasons: replacement of vehicles, offer cheaper suppliers, to increase their contributions or lack of interest in the event of damage. However, in order to avoid unpleasant surprIses occur when canceling Auto insurance the insurer, there are several points to note.

When Car insurance canceled? Deadlines and terms.

want to terminate Auto insurance Carefully planned. Statutory period of notice of one month, which Is the policy holder shall promptly send a notification to the reasons insurance companies. Therefore, the following applies:

– the usual maximum period of one year; from January 1 to 01.01. The following year – in thIs case, November 30 Is the deadline; then the insurance company must have received the notification – – Unfortunately postmark shipping date Is secondary when the insurance provider it Is important to notice to pay attention to weekends and holidays, as well as possible during the holidays.

At the same time, some Car insurance companies in the contract began the day as the expiration date. If Auto insurance Is so-called “termination notice”, the notice period Is one month after the end of the period. Insurance companies must be notified one day before the deadline, so that Car insurance Is no longer one-year extension. Which the due date, keywords in the insurance contract “primarily due” Is obvious: If it Is January 1, it Is 11March 30 deadline for routine termination deadline. By the way, the deadline Is not random, but in the “Insurance Law” basIs.

Car insurance desIst letter what should be considered?

Basically, many insurance companies offer useful online portal for Car insurance Is terminated on time. Whether it Is personal preference or legal background; by mail or facsimile transmIssion notice Is still meaningful. It must include all the necessary components at the time of termination of Auto insurance, so that it legally binding. lIst resignation letter:

policyholders and insurance are at the address at the beginning of the writing; it follows a subject line ( “Car insurance termination “); insurance number and license plate; and a request for confirmation of the location and date of receipt; insurance company must be signed in order to have the force of law in the notice; many companies do not accept digital signatures; recommend manually signed.

Ideally, in writing Auto insurance Is terminated as a regIstered letter sent to the provider, and after receipt of the acknowledgment of receipt confirming the receipt of the insurance company. In addition, you can also send by fax, and remains in effect until the deadline. In any case, the insurance company should be retained fax transmIssion report. Only a few Car insurance can also be terminated by e-mail – in large part applies to the content of the contract. If allowed to terminate written in thIs form, it also includes the termination by e-mail. In order to ensure an end to the proper recipients and processed immediately, it Is recommended that notification Is sent by regIstered mail. Those who do not like to write such a letter does not have to despair.

to cancel Auto insurance when change

If the vehicle-related changes and insurance companies change, it should be noted that, before the emergence of new insurance policies, Car insurance should not be terminated earlier. Because the insurance company may refuse to provide full insurance, so owners can stand in the worst case situation uninsured! If the vehicle Is sold, the first Car insurance policy holders continue to run in place. To encounter hereTo any unpleasant surprIse, the owner should log out of the vehicle prior to delivery to the new owner. RegIstered office confirmed the previous insurance provided by the buyer, in order to inform them. In addition, as recommended by the sales contract requires the buyer.

In particular termination: Very cancel Car insurance

Despite the possible ugly, but sometimes the road to special termination Car insurance Is inevitable. In some cases, the “Insurance Law” to promote the special dIsmIssal – the same, there are some things to keep in mind. In the case of special termination, termination notice must indicate the specific reasons for non-contractual relationship shall terminate the plan. The reason can be e.g. VVG: Payment

§31 If the termination of the insurance company without increasing reason to increase premiums corresponding residual Unavailable the value of the policy holder may terminate the particular Car insurance, thIs also applies to other contractual changes. If in doubt, consult a lawyer Is usually recommended.

§92 terminated when the damage occurred beginning

sounds amazing, in fact, Is true: If the damage occurs, the insurance company and the policy holder may terminate the contract. Of course, after resolving damage, while maintaining a reasonable period of time. Contributions must repay the overpayment of insurance premiums.

§96 vehicle aftermarket termination If you are buying a new Car insured, he can buy a new vehicle insurance for their vehicles immediately, even another insurance company as well. If you have previously been insured vehicles sold Auto insurance may be terminated by a special termination.