Buy vehicle insurance, the premiums you know how to calculate it?

buy a Car you need insurance, thIs Is the most basic common sense, in addition to the owner to buy the compulsory insurance must pay insurance than other types of insurance can choose to buy according to their own circumstances, the most common business insurance the Car damage insurance, three insurance, non-deductible insurance, the majority of owners are more popular to buy insurance. Do you want to buy these types of insurance? They are calculated? Today we’ll talk about thIs Issue.

1. Car damage

Car damage the full name of a motor vehicle damage insurance, refers to the damage caused by the insured vehicle, the insurance company for compensation within a reasonable range of a motor vehicle commercial insurance the insured person or allow the driver of occurrence of an insured accident while driving the insured vehicle.

simply Is when the Car hit by natural dIsasters or accidents responsibility of insurance, causing the vehicle itself, the loss, the insurance company Will give you the appropriate in accordance with the provIsions of the contract compensation.

It Is calculated by:

+ bare basic premium prices premium Car damage × 1.088% =

Is generally based premiums 280 yuan

For example: a bare Car prices 100,000 yuan

Car damage premium = 280 + 100,000 × 1.088% = 1360 yuan

1360 yuan ultimately required to pay premium Car damage

“remind: Car damage Is not worth more than the highest paid vehicle. “

2. the three insurance

three insurance “means third party liability insurance (liability insurance for short). refers to the accident insurer Is allowed to occur driver qualified in the use of the insured vehicle during a third party resulting in direct losses were suffered personal injury or property, It should be according to the law, the insurer would be given compensation by the amount of compensation to be paid by the insured in accordance with the relevant provIsions of the insurance contractCompensation.

popular talk Is paid to others in the event of accident or death or loss of vehicle insurance companies give paid according to the contract.

its purchase amount Is:

200 000 “924 yuan”

500 000 “1252 yuan”

1 million “1630 yuan”

Nowadays vehicles more driving environment more complicated recommended minimum purchase 500,000 three by insurance, one million Is the best choice.

3. The non-deductible

As a non-deductible insurance additional rIsk, need to be insured ” the main rIsk “for the insured prerequIsite, may not be arranged separately.

In layman’s insurance Will adhere to the principle of a rIsk-sharing, that Is, after the accident, the insured must bear a certain percentage of the amount of loss, the purpose Is to motorIsts regulated – make it as less dangerous condition. Then the liability losses “non-deductible” The main role Is to put thIs small group of individuals should bear again transferred to the insurance company, resulting in a payment of the full amount after the accident, individuals can obtain maximum protection of the role.

again popular to say, it Is on the non-deductible, your insurance company and lose it; if not, you may they lost only paid service three.

Is negative secondary responsibility Automobile insurance, 5 per cent of the responsibility for the accident franchIse; equal responsibility, 10% of franchIse; primary responsibility, 15% the franchIse; full responsibility for the accident or unilateral, 20% of the franchIse; if the loss Is not deductible purchase Car insurance, obtain compensation.

It Is calculated by:

non-deductible insurance = (three insurance Car damage insurance +) × 20%

For example: 1360 three Car damage insurance 500,000 (1252 yuan)

(1360 + 1252) × 20% = 522 yuan

The final non-deductible insurance payment of 522 yuan

in an example three insurance

1. Is one negative insured vehicle:

secondary responsibility, 5 per cent of the franchIse

equal responsibility, the implementation of a 10% Free Odds

the main responsibility for the implementation of the franchIse 15%

full responsibility for the implementation of 20% of franchIse

If you buy three responsible non-deductible insurance, obtain compensation.

2. Violations of safety regulations Is loaded, the implementation of a 10% absolute franchIse.

today’s complex road traffic conditions, to purchase insurance in order to be able to appear after a traffic accident that we can get some protection, thereby reducing our losses, reduced payment pressure. So like Car damage insurance, three insurance, non-deductible insurance, or try to buy. Finally, to remind you just a case of insurance protection in case of traffic norms, in order to ensure maximum unnecessary losses.