Buy three auto insurance Is enough, do not buy more than a year can save a lot of costs

buy three Auto insurance Is enough, do not buy one more, a year can save significant costs. Many people buy Auto insurance in after the Car. But what to buy Auto insurance Will be very stressful, and face a mess of some various Auto insurance, you really choose it? A lot of people buy a bunch later dIscovered in the end Is a waste of money. Following small to tell you that there are three lower Auto insurance Is essential.

1, Car to pay high insurance

We all know that to pay high insurance Is a must buy, are mandatory. That small series Will say no more.

2, excluding special insurance deductible

Is mainly after the accident, the insurance company paid use. That accident, the insurance company paid the full amount, but there Is a premIse that, the driver need not illegal violation of a situation. But to buy thIs insurance Is still very necessary.

3, third party liability insurance business

mainly traffic accidents resulting in casualties third party, or property damage Is under severe cases, mainly responsible for the insured, the insurance company needs help payment. Xiaobian to give Liezi, such as you hit a ten million luxury Car, he was definitely not afford payment, thIs time to help you solve the insurance, but only if the sum insured must correspond to the amount of compensation, so we buy the Auto insurance when can I buy a little higher, just in case.

Xiao Bian said the three Auto insurance Is the most practical, suggest that you have to buy, buy three also almost the same. How you see it?