Buy car insurance Will be able to enjoy the free service? Police: ThIs 4 not white do not!

buy Car insurance Will be able to enjoy the free service? Police: ThIs 4 not white do not!

Now after buying the Car, you must purchase a pay compulsory insurance, and more owners understand the role after the insurance for the Car, in order to maximize the time of the accident to protect their own interests are not damaged, so many owners would consciously buy several insurance, but many owners do not know and we Will immediately get four free service after buying insurance, which Is four services can save us at a few thousand dollars of the price.

First look at the first item free delivery of gasoline, now the situation Is becoming increasingly serious traffic jam, even at high speed on our wall for hours at a time, If we in the case of traffic jams and idling, our gasoline Is not enough how to do it? At thIs time we can play a phone call to the insurance company, they Will have free gasoline service delivery, and the journey back and forth Is not required to pay the cost, thIs Is the price of gasoline itself needs to advance to the owner.

, paragraph 2 Take the free service, if a Car Is not a long time to open, or have been using the Car some electronic products, it Is easy to solutions lead to loss of battery electric ignition can not be a normal phenomenon, so thIs situation Is also very simple, just need to find a ride wire, the two-Car battery normal ignition can be connected, but few owners can in the Car ride wire configuration, so thIs time we can give them not only brought Auto insurance phone wire ride, but also to give us a free ride electricity.

, paragraph 3, towing services, as there are a lot of trailers telephone on society, but dragged a Car in every price can reach several hundred dollars, can be said It Is a lucrative industry, and every year we can have a free towing service Auto insurance, but we need to note that thIs trailer mileage there are certain restrictions, most of the insurance free mileage Is less than 100 kilometers, but after more than thIs we Will need an additional 100 kilometers of charge, but, overall, than call us directly many other trailer low price.

The first4-site repair. If because of the case of failure halfway cast can not be moved, probably just because of a glitch caused, through simple repairs can be normal driving, thIs time the owner can be called insurance, Car insurance you can buy to enjoy the free service? Police: ThIs 4 not white do not! They usually know a little knowledge of repair, but we need to note that on-site repair if replacement parts are required, then the price of the replacement part itself also requires owners to advance their own.

Presumably we buy Car insurance, very few people told us these four items, the owner of the majority do not understand that thIs Is a normally, of course, hope that in reading thIs article to be able to keep thIs in several free services, thIs happens in the future can be normal use. As for the insurance of thIs free service, it Is how to treat it?