Buy car insurance, which several of the most appropriate? Old Driver: buy these three Is enough, more than a waste of money

Now, with the continuous development of society, the Car Is indeed a lot of people become an essential means of transport, but also for people now, for the reliance on Cars are also constantly upgrading them, even to a degree basically can not do without a Car, although we have a lot of people have a certain economic capacity, able to buy the Car, but in fact has a Car does not mean that you can freely to drive, but in some cases have also inviting a lot of trouble after the Car, such as driving a vehicle during a loss Is also part of the article, so that to spend more money Is on top of the Car maintenance costs, insurance fees, fuel charges, etc., which Is not doing Is spending a small sum.

In fact, for us, after the vehicles are also required to buy back the insurance, then thIs point there are a lot of people feel that simply has nothing to do critical, are more than a little strong, but in fact some of them Will lIsten to sales staff directly when buying a Car, then, then we Will buy all rIsks, but thIs Is actually a vehicle buy insurance, we also need to look, because some insurance Is not much need, so that when buying insurance Is selective, for some people come, they Will represent the old drivers buy insurance only need to buy three kinds of vehicles on it, other indeed it Is more a waste of money.

The first one Is to pay high insurance, then for thIs to pay high insurance Is a must buy, the main aim to pay high insurance Is to be able to live inspection then pay high insurance in our country inside also require mandatory purchase, so for Car owners also need to consider whether you belong to a novice driver or the old driver then such an insurance Is absolutely indIspensable, and not pay high insurance Is absolutely not capable of driving down the road, even if you not want to buy Is absolutely impossible.

The first two belong to non-deductible insurance, insurance for such a purchase Is necessary, because for us all know that under normal circumstances If your vehicle say there have been some failures in the process of moving, then the insurance company Is also the need for claims, thIs time if people really can not find third-party liability, insurance companies, althoughHowever, some of the compensation Will be, but said only 30% of the franchIse, which means that if you say the loss of which belong to an accident caused 200,000, thIs time you do not find people to third-party liability, and thIs time the insurance company it Will only give you 70% of the compensation 200,000, which Is 140,000, then the remaining 60,000 dollars of losses Will have to be borne yourself, but if thIs time you have to buy non-deductible insurance to go then the insurance company Will be full compensation for you.

The third Is called third party liability insurance business, in fact, Is three insurance, which Is in addition to the Auto insurance contract Party A and Party B, also belong to the insured and the insurance company, if the insured to a third party caused some economic losses, for example, would have an owner that he had blundered into a luxury Car, then thIs Is the time to burden the whole responsibility of the owner If there Is no insurance that the three rIsk, thIs Is also the owner of thIs loss must be paid in full luxury Cars, so thIs time the amount of compensation Is relatively large, but if you buy three insurance, then the insurance company Is required to bear, so that the three insurance Is very necessary, after all, we all know that the number of luxury Cars now on the road Is more, if you really hit accidentally, that loss Is indeed more Big. So more than three Insurance Is a lot of older drivers Is recommended when owners buy insurance must buy, but there are a lot of people think of other types of insurance Will also selective buying, but thIs also needs to be determined by the individual’s economic situation , but in fact thIs teacher also expressed buy insurance, you can buy these three, the other Is more a waste of money indeed, I do not know how you think of it?