Buy car insurance there are these hidden services, many older drivers do not know, you know?

When the Car gradually become the main means of transport most families, the cost of keeping a Car has become a part of the daily cost of countless families, talking about the cost of keeping a Car, in addition to the travel tax and fuel consumption required to pay each year in addition, insurance costs are also keeping a Car during a relatively large amount of overhead, for some relatively expensive Car, the proportion occupied in insurance costs of keeping a Car cost almost a third.

In some people Will buy insurance only when to buy compulsory insurance, but most people Will now have to buy three insurance, commercial insurance and the like, because now a lot of luxury Cars on the road, in case handling errors to virtually scratch luxury Cars, it Will not go bankrupt. According to incomplete statIstics that most people buy every year alone, the cost of insurance to the Car would cost more than 3,000 yuan, thIs year in addition to the expensive cost of insurance for us to improve the protection of outside, in fact, there are a lot of hidden service that can help to our daily Car, not only at the crucial moment emergency, but also save a lot of money for the owners, which Is something you know?

First, send free “water.”

when traveling in unfamiliar high-speed sections, usually confused the next service area and location of the gas station, which has led to the situation can easily lead to Car due to lack of fuel could not continue driving forward, or when the oil pointer corruption can easily lead to thIs phenomenon. Once thIs happens, many people Will know what to do, even hailed for help on the road, but thIs way Is very dangerous and Is likely to affect the safety of human life Blocking. When the above phenomenon, can be Carried out immediately as the insurance company for help, they are usually free to send oil to you, but the cost of fuel consumed or out of their own needs. Also, if your Car due to lack of water in the tank and cause the engine coolant or continuous high temperature condition, commonly known as “boil” phenomenon, also can help the insurance company, they Will also send free antifreeze or water for you, but frost liquid products such costs Will still need the money.

Second, the free agent Auto inspection services

vehicle inspection business of running every time, I believe we Will encounter cattle, there are many peopleLet cattle go to agency inspection Car business, because the inspection process often takes a long time to wait, and ordinary people are not particularly familiar with the inspection Car program, run up may be a bit do not understand, and thus spend longer time, while cattle we are familiar with these services, charges are not high, I think thIs Is the reason most people choose to cattle inspection agency business. But, in fact, many insurance companies can charge d’affaires to customers free vehicle inspection business, the prerequIsite Is to buy enough insurance for two years in thIs company, and only some insurance companies support, therefore, we in the choice of insurance companies should be Careful when Some try to pick those many hidden service. In addition, even if the insurance companies free agent Auto-free, the cost of testing Is required out of their own materials also need to prepare themselves, merely eliminating the waiting time line inspection Car only, very suitable for busy people who work .

Third, the free help owners replace tires

Since the summer, the temperature almost remained at 30 degrees per day above, the Car also Will feel uncomfortable symptoms, puncture phenomenon Is more and more frequent, especially in the high speed state, puncture phenomenon Is very common. In response to thIs phenomenon, the easiest solution Is to replace the spare tire, but there are a lot of newcomers to now Will not replace the spare tire, not just the driver, there are many male drivers, too. If because of a flat tire was thrown on the road, can also help to solve the insurance company, they Will provide a free replacement spare tire service for you. One thing to remember good, waiting for relief and rescue process, should be placed in the rear of the Car warning triangle bracket, in order to prevent the rear of the vehicle rear-end accidents caused by uninformed.

Fourth, free vehicle for simple repairs and rescue

Car, after all mechanical components composed of, since mechanical components, most Will have a certain life, when a mechanical component produced damaged, it Will cause the Car to strike or not normal driving, the Car can not be started as normal faults, etc. are very common, but these failures Some small details are often the cause of damage, repair them Is not difficult, but for most ordinary people, Will always have a feeling not start, and most insurance companiesJust simple repairs provided free of charge, so when thIs happens can call the insurance company directly call rescue services. In general, the Car does not start properly ThIs usually occurs due to a Car battery power loss caused by repair them Is not difficult, just need to find a “vehicle charging treasure” or other vehicles to take your energy can be Car back to normal. For the insurance company’s maintenance staff, thIs kind of thing really Is not too difficult, if far from the point of service, then the insurance company, but also allows insurance companies to guide their conduct simple repairs by phone or open the video, allowing the Car to return to normal state. Pay special attention that the maintenance process must place the tripod warning signs at the rear side of the Car, to prevent causing unnecessary accidents.

Fifth, to provide free towing services

Car broke down or delay the loss of power, etc. are very common, these more serious malfunction can not be repaired on the freeway, not only because of the rIsk Is relatively high, more because of maintenance tools not complete, Will lead to very difficult to repair. When the Car appeared unable to run a normal phenomenon, I believe we Will adopt a way to solve the problem called the trailer, but the trailer using the cost Is too high, many times better than the maintenance cost of the Car Is also higher than a length. In fact, most insurance companies are to provide free towing service, and when needed, directly to the insurance company can call for help, which Is in the invIsible but also for the owners save a significant amount of the cost. However, insurance companies have free trailer Is required, most insurance companies Will be free of the trailer are just at a dIstance of less than 100 km may be appropriate charge some fees after exceeded.

In general, insurance Is actually a science, before buying the insurance not only to protect the inquiry and good insurance coverage such as an Automobile these services are also hidden must all understand clearly. When you have a deep understanding of the insurance company’s services, even if there Is a need, but also know exactly whether a project Will find thIs project and the insurance company to resolve whether or not to charge for other Issues. 618 shopping Carnival, back support faithful Car, click on the original surprIse.