Buy car insurance, the insurance really yet?

Many owners Will purchase a Car after Car insurance for the Car, and then after if anything unexpected events encountered, may reduce hIs side’s loss. However, after buying a Car insurance, really once and for all it?

even bought all rIsks Is not what claims can successfully Oh! Here to tell you about the situation can not claim.

1. The Car was flooded, resulting in engine damage secondary to launch

In general only the Car Is parked in the garage or parking lot flooded, there Is a course in driving in flooded. In either case, we must note that if the loss Is the second time because the owners launch vehicle caused, that Is absolutely not the insurance company for compensation.

2. Insured give up compensation for

If people friction and collIsions result in damage to the vehicle, but generous to let the perpetrators directly leave, then the losses Will certainly undertake their own, the insurance company Is not responsible. .

3 incident not timely alarm

“Insurance Act” provIsions: the insured person Is to be notified within 48 hours after the accident insured the insurer, or cause the loss can not be determined or extended part of the insurer Is not liable for damages.

Therefore, after the incident reported to the insurance company within 48 hours, or most likely exclusions. Of course, if you can provide valid proof, we can continue to claim, but suggest that you promptly reported to reduce unnecessary trouble.

4. The new Car Is not on the Card, or temporary license expired

In DIsclaimer Automobile basic insurance of four types of insurance, the clearly defined , the insured vehicle must have two conditions, one must have insured the vehicle traffic adminIstration department Issued driving permit or license plate, and second, over a period of inspection by the public security traffic management department of eligibility rules.

5 no no inspection or inspection by

andArticle IV, like, within a specified period inspection by the public security traffic management department qualified for the job, no vehicle inspection time, Will encounter a lot of trouble, it was suggested timely inspection.

6. hit by another vehicle in their name

situation of their own two-Car collIsion, the insurance company does not pay of. Similarly other people drive my Car hit my Car, the insurance company does not pay.

Because knocked two Cars belong to the same insurer, Is he himself does not exIst under the name of a third party property, accident, it Is not the first in the insurance business by to three insurance claims. The vehicle “Traffic Insurance” in also provides that the conditions must be third-party claims benefit, because the insurer can not mutually third party, nor can the rIsk to claims.

7. In the paid parking stolen

parking lot for vehicles stolen in charge, despite voted all rIsks, insurance companies still not compensation. Insurance companies Will think that since your Car parked in a parking fee, then the parking lot of Care obligation to take good Care of the vehicle.

Thus, if the vehicle Is stolen in a similar situation, as the owner should take good Care of parking fees voucher or invoice as evidence if necessary to safeguard their own interests.

8. The lock had been broken

lock had been broken as good as stolen, Why do you say, if your Car lock had been broken, and the vehicle was not stolen, the insurance company Is not compensable.

Under the terms of “motor vehicle insurance contract”, motor vehicle pilfer, Car damage claims have no basIs. Pilfer vehicle Is a vehicle that caused the loss of the entire vehicle Is insured vehicle theft, robbery, snatch back. Corresponding to thIs Is that the whole Car Is not stolen, the situation Is only the vehicle part or accessory device Is stolen, the insurance company Is not compensation.

9. The tire

If the vehicle Is traveling a flat tire, that tire hub injury insurance companies Is not lose, because tires, wheels belonging to a particular consumable part, insurance companies do not provide insurance.

Of course there are cases of lost vehicles appear flat tire, the vehicle or third party losses, then you can get the insurance company to compensate.

10. During the vehicle maintenance error

resulting in loss of vehicle inspection, repair, maintenance process, the insurance company Is not compensation. Parking Diuju reason with reason almost, insurance companies consider maintenance point bears responsibility for Care of the vehicle, the vehicle Is stolen or damaged fault belongs to the maintenance point. .

11 drunk driving

insurance policy expressly provides that: drinking, taking state control of psychotropic drugs or narcotics driving a motor vehicle traffic accidents , the insurer Is not responsible for compensation. We must remember: do not drink driving, driving do not drink.

12. Accident

After the driving motor Accident insurance company to be deductible. Hit and run case, Is already involved in criminal law, the insurance company Is certainly not admIssible.

and U.S.’s “Criminal Law” stipulates escape after the traffic accident or other special circumstances of the poor, at least 7 years of imprIsonment for 3 years; due to traffic hit and run causing death, at least 7 years in prIson.