Buy car insurance Raiders: the most complete and most economical nothing, remember that you can just buy these types of insurance

often asked Car insurance how to buy, do not even know what to buy their own insurance, by the Issue of opportunity for everyone to popularize Auto insurance exactly how to buy Auto insurance each what does it mean, hope help to see friends.

to emphasize the Car’s no such thing as a true “all rIsks” are relative, generally in accordance with the following on it to make a purchase, detailed introduced one by one down.

to pay high insurance

ThIs goes without saying, even if no use, you have to buy, compulsory purchase, ordinary family Car Is 950 yuan Each year, seven and above 1100 yuan. If it Is not dangerous condition of the previous year, next year, ten percent dIscount, and 30 percent of the cap.

Car damage

Car damage or need to buy thIs insurance Is to protect you Car, such as after the impact, you can go vehicle damage claims, the price Is the most expensive Auto insurance inside.

third party liability insurance

ThIs Is in addition to accident insurance and the other side of the Car, generally recommended to buy at least three credits 500 000 if traffic Is often, but also a novice, you can choose the amount of one million, where of course does not mean to make you feel the higher buy insurance, they can do whatever they want.

seats rIsk

ThIs Is in accordance seat to count, in accordance with the purchase seats, mainly in addition to Car accident claims personnel. Note here that there Is a rIsk of insurance intended to take the call, it belongs to the insurance within the scope of PICC, Is to give people insurance, such as what kind of Car you drive, as long as you apart from the accident, the insured can separate note area.


ThIs Is an additional insurance, also necessary to buy, because they have bought the fine did not sell if you do not buy thIs insurance, you still have to paid in addition to the accident part of the insurance company reason Is simple: a tango, youHave a responsibility, so they need to buy the full amount Is not deductible.


Under normal circumstances, thIs may not buy the insurance, but generally the mortgage vehicles are forced to have to buy, because the Car mortgage, have not really belong to you only after you get the big green book, you can not buy thIs insurance.

unable to find a third party

thIs insurance, then generally applicable to no parking, the case Is often congested streets to stop, because in thIs case if the Car once scratched, can not find the perpetrators, can use thIs insurance.

Like the rest of the glass insurance, insurance wading, spontaneous combustion environment requires no special rIsk and the like, there Is no need to buy. In short, normal family Cars are generally Car damage insurance, third party, to pay high insurance, non-deductible insurance and a seat on it, can withstand more than 80% of the rIsk.