Buy car insurance much more attention, as long as the insurance Is like buying the four, a year can save lots of money

With the improvement of living standards now, the Car has entered every household, bought a new Car before the road 4S point would certainly recommend a lot of insurance, but for novice drivers may be ignorant force, so many types of insurance , need to buy insurance, what does? Buy insurance had eyes of the beholder wIse see wIsdom. LIsten to my advice.

into strong insurance insurance, travel tax, insurance business. Which pay high insurance and travel tax Is usually out together, I said here Is the usual. Since compulsory insurance 90 days can be purchased in advance, but can not travel tax New Year’s Eve. So sometimes the clerk Will catch some of thIs vulnerability to price competition

Commercial insurance Is divided into: Car damage, three, robbery, four personnel on board large primary insurance. There are also not deductible, scratches, glass, spontaneous combustion, wading, special agreement and other additional rIsks

concerned with what kind of insurance for a new Car Is actually no fixed program. Good or bad depends on the vehicle, whether novice or even gender. Now I have introductions (private Cars, for example):

Traffic Insurance + travel tax: Will buy the state. Was arrested on the road did not buy a lot of trouble, accident claims to be the full responsibility.

Car damage: Will buy. Car repair depends on it.

three: lose to the other person, and the Car article. These small Cars even if just to touch, can cause no small damage. If a particular person or a luxury Car. So not only buy, but also recommended to buy (recent peace has a personalized service, I feel very good, but I do not enjoy. Ping An Auto insurance purchase of the driver, can apply on behalf of processing claims occur if the three).

robbery: ThIs depends on the value of the vehicle. For example about one hundred thousand a Car, then there Is no much need robbery, a crime sometimes look worthwhile, therefore the price of the Car less steal it, but if it IsLuxury Car and driver Is a woman, then stealing personally feel Is very necessary.

board staff: not expensive, you can buy. Some of these credit Cards have built-in safeguards. The amount Is too low for human security, if there Is a demand in thIs area if the proposed purchase of additional life insurance.

non-deductible: ThIs Is the most important additional rIsk. If you do not want to hear that at the time of settlement of claims that do not pay do not pay, then they bought.

scratch the glass: Look condition of the vehicles, in general, thIs kind of cheap to repair, but a dangerous condition brought about by the premium upgrade Is often not worth the candle. Some belong to the glass imported glass, the glass can buy it.

spontaneous combustion: a new Car Is not recommended, general vehicle more than five years, fearing the aging vehicle Will be considered.

wading: How often traveling or stopping place because of heavy rain the water Will drown as a result of the vehicle. If so, buy. On the other hand, do not buy.

special agreement: see demand, or not to the 4S shop or other conditions agreed upon when needed to see if Care maintenance. If you do not or may not buy.

In summary, do not just look at price when buying Auto insurance, usually the same as the contents of a few dollars difference in price Will not, after all, prices are now unified industry. If the price difference of more then pay attention. It Is possible to imagine the travel tax introduced, as I mentioned above, or without full insurance and so non-professional personnel do not know how doorway. So find a fly, let him introduce you to know, no problem.