Buy car insurance Is a problem, people smart shopping cart, do not choose these types of insurance

In recent years, many Car owners have become 90 young people. You’re a major force, and they did not know the insurance number, so when buying a Car Will be Carefully selected, especially on Auto insurance, many people there are some errors, but also own a lot of ideas, so there Is a lot of research and then We found that many smart people never buy these at several Auto insurance. Because there are some insurance, then, after coming from Cars to buy scrap, basically less than purely an act belongs waste of money, in the end what Is it? Let’s take a look at to understand to understand.

The first Is scratches insurance, in fact, if thIs Is a newbie when the flower Is very tense. Because there are more Cars, but parking Is very sCarce, so a lot of fear when drivers can not find parking spaces, simply parked on both sides of the road, thIs time they Will worry about some of the passers-by, or Is not a child Carefully scrape the Car. In thIs case the main Is to make the Car clearly reasoned, so that many people Will choose the insurance, but to prove that the compensation must be malicious actions of others, or that the perpetrators. We Will find the compensation to the owners, so that there Is no need to buy thIs insurance.

The second Is the rIsk of spontaneous combustion. General Experienced consumers are aware that if they drove less than in 2089, basically Will not buy thIs insurance. Because the Car Is new enough, and now the technology Is more and more plus repairer perfect Moreover, the Car Is still in the warranty period, thIs basically does not appear to buy the insurance on the Car ignition, then, Is basically useless, if any friends also can be forced to buy, it Is recommended to open the Car after five or six months and then you make a purchase, thIs Is the most appropriate time, during the early new Car Is not necessary to choose to buy thIs insurance.

The third Is wading insurance ah, because the Car it Is soaked over the water, it would stall the engine. After the engine stalled Car, the Car he would be a protective role, then wading insurance, then there Is no need, if it Is soaked in the Car after the water, get the repair shop simply can handle it, you can succeed, It makes the Car continue to work. Also worth mentioning Is that, once again start the engine after soaking, then they can not compensation, itJust to catch the people itch. Because sometimes there are too many word games on the contract.

The fourth point Is that there Is no need to buy insurance pilfer, if the choice of insurance thIs Is a very no reason, and in the past, when people are afraid to buy a Car hIs beloved stolen Car, find no place looking, technology Is developing, but all the roads are now equipped with the probe, and anti-theft systems on the Car Is also very keen. If you close the Car, there Will be a reaction, he always does a tire you can it, nor Will he have to steal the whole Car, so the loss of some of the components, the insurance company Will tell you he does not pay compensation. It Is therefore an insurance there Is no need to make a purchase.

The last Is not necessary to purchase the insurance, glass insurance it Is. You refer to thIs policy during the period of insurance, if you use the Car when broken glass just only bad, Will be some compensation, so thIs probability Is very low. ThIs means that if a Car accident occurs after the other, except where there Is damage to the outside of the glass, they do not Carry out claims. Quite deliberately meant to say a stone hit the glass Scholars, causing damage, he gives you compensation, but thIs probability Is very low.

In general, Xiao Bian think it’s actually more than a few of insurance Is not necessary to buy, buy it Is a waste of money. However, there are some insurance really Is sure to make a purchase, oh, the above points of view, then we Will know, like glass insurance. Pirates grab insurance, as well as wading Car insurance, other insurance and spontaneous combustion rIsk if scratches do not need thIs one, then buy a Car for the insurance, which we feel it Is not necessary?