Buy car insurance, do not lIsten to flicker, enough to do

Car insurance Is something we must do it every year, the time of purchase, a salesman flicker pass, worked out a lot of money, and then hit a big dIscount, let us high Xing happy to hold insurance policies left, after a closer look, how they spent so much money?

vehicle insurance generally include two kinds, one Is compulsory traffic accident liability insurance, also known as the cross-strong insurance, which Is required by law to be on insurance, as well as a kinds of commercial insurance, you can decide to buy or not buy, buy less or buy according to personal preference, most people buy Is a combination of both.

While each Car has a cross-strong insurance, but the amount paid Is not high, in the event of traffic accidents, and take full responsibility, on behalf of the insurance companies to the amount paid, the property damage up to 2000 yuan for medical expenses up to 10,000 yuan, the highest death dIsability 110,000 yuan. You can do the math, slightly larger accident, to pay compulsory insurance can not reveal all the details for us.

Since the Traffic Insurance can stop a major event, we have the introduction of commercial insurance, third party liability insurance Is first of all, thIs allows us to get insurance payment amount 50000-1000000, and covers property and personal injury. The price of insurance Is not very high, it Is recommended to buy higher payout limit, after all, the price Is not low now deal with traffic accidents.

The first two types of insurance, just after the accident to solve other people’s problems, not landed yet own thing, to solve their own thing, first Car damage insurance, Car damage make our vehicles get paid when subjected to damage, but thIs Is not some special loss insurance payment lIst, such as general scratches, damage to the front windshield, the rIsk related to their own or other vehicles the base damage insurance, do not have thIs insurance, other insurance-related can not be purchased, the rIsk of higher prices, and prices are linked.

Car damage, although not cheap, but not the full amount in the accident Shihai, only a certain percentage of the debts, in order to get full compensation, but also requires an additional insurance, excluding free Odds special clause, commonly known as non-deductible insurance, in order to get full compensation.

from the purchase cost of the insurance consideration, to pay compulsory insurance, third party liability insurance, Car damage, non-deductible insurance, sufficient to meet most people’s needs, at the same time proposed to increase the amount of compensation the three insurance, thIs extra the cost Is a little to worry about lifting.

At thIs point, you can solve most problems have been most people, and on other types of insurance vehicles, need to buy the actual needs of individuals, such as grab theft insurance can be considered models loss rate and their own environment and safety, scratches insurance consider their standard of driving and parking the environment, but also other types of insurance for different groups of different types of insurance.