Buy car insurance do not be fooled, only buy enough of these four types of insurance, the rest are a waste of money

Whether you are a novice or old drivers always found doing the same thing, to buy Car insurance. Buy Car insurance there can be more than a doorway, we just lIstened to the 4S shop or an insurance company to sell enough of the halo. Such as life insurance, as well as poor safety, life, sun, earth and so a lot of insurance company expenses. Coupled with a wide variety of insurance, general people are really confused, in the end how to buy insurance only fly it? Through our research combined with the actual situation, we find that many of them subtle, in fact, only need to buy Car insurance these four insurance on it.

1, strong insurance

to pay high insurance Is the state of mandatory insurance, all vehicles must be purchased. But many owners there are some errors in the pay compulsory insurance, they think that as long as the purchase of insurance to pay strong, once the accident occurs, it can all be handed over to the insurance company to be responsible. In fact, Is not the case, to pay high insurance mainly for the insured vehicle injured in a traffic accident caused property damage, injuries, be compensated in the mandatory liability insurance liability limit, but does not include the vehicle and the insured person.

2, third party liability insurance

Simply third party liability insurance say what you hit someone or someone else’s Car, the insurance company Will help you claim. Third party liability insurance Is necessary to buy, because if you do not accidentally hit the person, or if you experience luxury Cars, then the role of third party liability insurance Is very significant, as well as third party liability insurance the amount Is very high, 1,000 yuan can get 500,000 credits.

3, caustic danger

As the name suggests, you pay a special vehicle loss Insurance (oh no guarantor). Whether your Car into others friends, or friends, and so the Car was on fire and so on, the Car can claim for the loss! Moreover, as long as no more than the value of your Car, how much to pay much loss, no upper limit. Of course, thIs Is also the most expensive kind of insurance.

4, Excluding special insurance deductible

It Is also very important kind of insurance, the insurance agreement generally refers specially, after the insured event, in a corresponding insurance the main provIsions of the terms of franchIse rIsk calculations, should be borne by the insured portion of the deductible amount, the insurer liable. Applies to insured vehicle damage insurance or a third party motor vehicle liability insurance, can be added in thIs special clause. If an accident occurs, the insurance company Will be full compensation.