Buy car insurance deposit trap, to buy insurance not fooled, spend less money wasted

Many Car owners to buy Auto insurance, many insurance claims to know the condition Is not clear, resulting in many insurance was introduced to increase sales of Fudge sleepwalk to buy the actual practicality Is not strong, the scope of insurance claims conditions apply am home , the owner spent a lot of money wasted. Especially just bought a new Car owners, since the insurance do not quite understand, plus the first time to buy Auto insurance, lack of experience, buying insurance Is an easy mark at a dIsadvantage. So what the insurance for owners and friends should buy and what does not work or the insurance claims great difficulty, high cost, not recommended to buy, today gave the owners take stock of what friends, we use the vernacular to explain, easy to owners of friends who understand.

First, you must purchase and recommend purchase of insurance:

to pay high insurance. Traffic Insurance Is mandatory to buy insurance, new Car after purchase if they do not pay high insurance Is not on the license. Traffic Insurance compensation amount Is not too large, when claims appear what death and dIsability, compensation up to 110,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan at most medical compensation, other compensation for property damage at most 2,000 yuan, so pay high insurance compensation can at most, a total of 12.2 million.

So for Car insurance, to pay high insurance compensation amount Is too small, so choose the necessary commercial insurance Is a good choice, so we recommend some of the most practical, most owners should purchase insurance easily select friends.

1. Car damage. Car damage Is mainly for Automobile damage claims, such as Car scratch, collIsion resulting in damage to the Car. Buy Car damage Is mainly pay attention to the amount purchased, purchase amount can not be too high or too low.

2. The third party liability insurance. ThIs insurance Is mainly related to the accident paid another person’s loss. To put it plainly, it Is to have an accident, either the butt or something Is damaged. ThIs insurance Is recommended you buy a high point as far as possible, it Is recommended to buy at least 100 million for the three rIsk. In today’s society, luxury Cars everywhere, whether it Is butt, or others hit the Car, the amount of compensation are particularly large, higher quota to buy, to ensure that there Is sufficient amount of compensation, preventive measures, Is necessary.

3. Not deductible. It Is not deductibleAdditional rIsks and can not be purchased separately, primary insurance must be purchased. It Is recommended that the three non-deductible Car damage and insurance. The role Is not deductible when claims occur, it may be 5-20% of the responsibility franchIse, vernacular explanation Is that, if the Car happened claims, need to compensate 100,000, set franchIse Is 20%, the actual claims can get 8 million, if you buy the non-deductible insurance, then you can get 10 million in damages. So the insurance Is worth buying.

Second, do not recommend to buy insurance, the following types of insurance the role Is not large, or claims more difficult, the purchase of these insurers are actually wasting money.

1. Wading rIsk. Many people do not know their condition in insurance claims. Wading rIsk refers to the Car was flooded, and water needs such as engine overhaul the engine. And there are two points, if one Is wading Car, the engine stalled, thIs time, if the Car ignition again, and lost eligibility claims, the insurance company Will refuse claims; another Is that the engine inlet overhaul, it the insurance company for compensation only cleaning and maintenance costs of the engine, not a replacement of the engine, so we must pay attention to buy thIs insurance claims conditions.

2 glass insurance. Insurance claims in the glass to separate the glass was broken smashed to satIsfy the condition. For example, the owner of the Car, a small stone suddenly fell from the sky hit directly on to glass breakage claims, if the egg Is Dan Zier first hit the hood, and then fly on the glass, not compensation, thIs belongs to the caustic danger of the claims. So unless insurance Is often a high-speed glass, glass can buy insurance, or really are wasting money, it Is not necessary.

3. RIsk of spontaneous combustion. ThIs rIsk Is mainly for the Car spontaneous combustion, for the new Car, the possibility of spontaneous combustion Is very low. For the old Car, even if the Car spontaneous combustion, in fact, claims the difficulty Is high. Because both new Cars, used Cars, Cars for spontaneous combustion, when the insurance claim, there must be proof of the fire department open, however, to get the self-ignition of the fire proved to be very troublesome very difficult, so I do not recommend buying the insurance.

4. Pilfer. ThIs insurance Is only for vehicle theft claims only, if the owner of the Car smashed glass, Car finance stolen, robbed the owner finance, insurance Will not claim. onlyTo your parking place not too remote, home, work place parking, or parking place eye in the sky, no need to buy pilfer.

5. RIsk seat. When claims are basically there Is a major accident, the amount of tens of thousands of claims, for the big accident, not very helpful. You might as well buy a family to accident insurance to reality.

Insurance some tricky The above Is to introduce, that are vernacular, that the owners like friends, friends can according to their actual situation buy Auto insurance, try to spend less money wasted, buy insurance best suited to their own circumstances.