Buy car insurance after five services are free, you know?

Now many families have a Car, but the Car Is not a toy, there are many people Willing to buy a Car do not open, put at home, afraid of broke, so almost all families have a Car to buy a Car insurance, but the insurance Is very expensive Car, and almost Car accident rarely, gives the impression that the stacks of money thrown in vain. In fact, there are a number of other Cars Insurance Services Do not forget, do not give people money. Buy Car insurance after five services are free, you know?

First, free to send oil

sometimes walked out of oil, how to do, you are not fight put a Car oiler buy oil. Do not tell you much trouble, in fact, you only need to give the insurance company a call, there Will be a special person to send you to the oil, it Is not very convenient.

Second, free towing services

in outdoor travel, when to play, though rarely broke down, but once broken down, you need a trailer to help, so at thIs time, you can call the insurance company, the insurance each Car has a free towing service, but the limitation Is in the range of about 100 kilometers, it Is not very surprIsing.

Third, the free ride electric service

Such a company Will provide free take power, specifically for your ride electric vehicles. For example, lights open all night, the next day, Is dead beat the fire, so you can use thIs service, do not feel embarrassed, thIs Is your pay bought.

Fourth, the tire change

If the tire burst halfway, thIs Is more, you can still call the Insurance Department sent Bryan tires, but only if you have a spare tire on board, they Will not provide for you. If you would, then, of course, better, do not need to find someone to come.

V. annual service

Now many of these companies are related to annual inspection field cooperationAnd we know that the annual absolute rather cumbersome, thIs time you’re insured, you can allow the company instead of checking the efficiency of their work much faster than personal. We make good use of these you can save a lot of vote in it. As the owner must know.