Buy auto insurance, the insurance company Which Is good?

to buy Auto insurance, the insurance company Which Is good? Which so-called good, it Is to spend the least money to get more protection and services.

when the insured Auto insurance, Auto insurance policies pay attention Will find that insurance Auto insurance consIsts of three parts: pay compulsory insurance, commercial insurance and travel tax. Traffic Insurance and travel taxes in terms of Which insurance companies are the same, premium dIsparity Is commercial insurance.

strong insurance:

travel tax:

whether commercial insurance quotes to escape from danger, dangerous condition, whether de Paul and other factors!

At thIs time, the offer price Is the price of the invoice, i.e., below:

at thIs time, the invoice price, you can also seek concessions, preferential to different insurance companies, and other factors different points in time-related.

In the case of commercial insurance dIscount of 19% – 21%, to pay high insurance rates at about 3%. Comparing two insurance companies, security and service Is basically the same, then the next ratio Is the price, shop around, Which insurance premiums to insure the best in the insurance companies.