Buy auto insurance choice of the insurance company Is best? Old drivers to teach you selected fly, do not be fooled

to buy Auto insurance choice of the insurance company Is best? Old drivers to teach you selected fly, do not be fooled

Many owners of a friend after buying a Car, buying Car insurance Is about to begin, then what Car insurance company? what kinds of insurance on Auto insurance generally does? but for Car owners, Auto insurance Is no less difficult election election models, to be taken into account premiums, service, claims and other various aspects. Today, we’ll tell you about the market’s major Auto insurance companies currently, but also to recommend a relatively good Auto insurance company.

before many owners believe Will raIse thIs Issue in buying Auto insurance, whether it Is Baidu search, forums, know peace, such a question and answer search a large area. However, most people can not get a satIsfactory answer from, mixed in the crowd of the insurance companies, the level of advertIsing really Is not convincing, and the answer from the owners and not enough professional, there have of holding a scolding, he asked a circle, in fact, what we did not get valuable advice.

1. Look the original premium income

U.S. Insurance Regulatory CommIssion announced every month on the original property insurance premium income of the company and payment situation, we can look at and screening rank, see which property insurance company’s business better? ThIs small new lIst of 10 insurance companies, Is currently the highest ranked life insurance Auto insurance, followed by Ping An Auto insurance, Auto insurance, etc. Finally, the Chinese joint.

2, the complaint rate insurance companies look at

selected Auto insurance premium income Is not enough light to see, but also consider Auto insurance claims service. Well, good Auto insurance claims Which? Our complaint rate Insurance companies can reverse thrust from the first three quarters of 2017. Considering the popularity and market share, the Greek fIscal Jun sorted out nine property insurance company’s complaint rate ranking. As shown below, the two indicators by Pacific Insurance, a comprehensive complaint rate ranking on the lIst, complain less. Followed by the PICC, Ping An Insurance was third.

3, comes to see Services

believe that many owners do not realize how attached Car insuranceGift service. In fact, these services do not look like much, a critical moment can play a big role, which also represents part of the strength of the insurance company. About Auto insurance service comes with different insurance companies, rescue services Is different and there are restrictions, such as: Is there a trailer a few kilometers there Is limited system, the insured insurance requirements, specific rescue services need to consult their own insurance company .

Another example: Are there free to send oil service frequency restrictions; more road accident rescue services are non-road rescue service Will give us more than if using a vehicle with to a great convenience, especially it happens, but by far the most important thing Is free, free, free!

See here, your heart should have the answers, right? Which are you going to choose an insurance company, or say what had to buy insurance, have not encountered any trouble, you can share it in the comments area, it would be a learning process, you might be able to save money!